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Lipstick on the Rim: Naomi Watts is De-Stigmatizing the M-Word: the Actress Shares Her Journey with Early Menopause, What We Can Do to Prepare Ourselves, and Her Beauty Go-To’s


The M-word. The dreaded, dreaded M-word. Do we dare even go there? Okay, yes, fine, let’s. Menopause. We said it. We have to start talking about it. Naomi Watts, one of our all-time favorite actresses, goes there with us. She, herself, experienced early symptoms (hello dryness) in her mid-to-late 30s and it’s time we all stop suffering in silence. She shares her story, how to prepare ourselves in advance, why opening up the conversation is half the battle, and knowing you’re not alone. Plus, she recently launched a fabulous line of products called Stripes that strives to find holistic solutions for women amidst this journey. If she’s the poster child for what this phase of life might look like, you can happily sign us up.

[Naomi] On Her Experiencing Early Menopause

“I went to get a blood panel because I wasn’t getting pregnant. I already knew that my periods were irregular, so it kind of made sense. As shocked as I was, my periods were already coming too close together, I think 19 days rather than 28. I had some night sweats as well, and thought “oh, maybe I’m having a reaction to something,” but then the doctor told me those were probable symptoms. I went to my mother and remember her saying she went into early menopause, but that was it. I didn’t know that there was several years of suffering leading up to menopause. I didn’t know anything really. I ended up changing my diet, trying Chinese herbs, and grinding wheat grass. I was wheat free, sugar free, and fun free. I did a ton of things, and finally my body changed and I got pregnant.”

[Naomi] On Why She Created Stripes 

“I basically made a cold call to Amaris, who’s my partner which is a biotech company, and I was just like “I want to have a woman feel seen and reflected, to be met where she’s at.” There are so many wonderful brands out there, but I don’t like that they are always sort of putting forward the message that “you can look like this!” but it’s a 28 year old in the media campaign. I wanted a woman to feel, as I said, seen, and I wanted to take all the cherry picking out of it. I know that a menopausal woman is going to hit all of these points from scalp to vag, and you know, just really target those symptoms. This is a woman who has earned her stripes. She should feel empowered, and she is wise.  Also, the visual of stripes, one stripe cannot live alone, we need the other, and the other and the other to create this community. We rely on each other.”

Naomi’s Beauty Must Haves:

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