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Lipstick on the Rim: Level Up Your Self-Care with Ciara – The Queen of Pop (and Now Skincare) Spills Her Attainable Workout Routine, Rumarita Recipe, and So Much More


Ciara. One word. Two syllables. You could say she’s earned the title: ‘Queen of Pop.’ But she’s so much more than just a singer and songwriter. She’s a multi-faceted businesswoman. Her recently launched skincare brand, OAM (which stands for ‘on a mission’) is her latest foray into beauty and self-care—and she is ALL about self-care. We dive into why having agency over your own life is crucial and why self-belief should come first. She guides us through her workout routine (she’s a Peloton fan!), why she’s forcing herself to eat fish for dinner, her Rumarita recipe (which we cannot wait to try) and so much more. By the way, she snuck in that we might just be hearing a new album from her soon too. See you on tour, Ciara.

[Ciara] On Entering the Skincare Space and Creating OAM

“I was the girl using body wash on my face, which is the wrong thing to do, and as much as I loved beauty and glam, skincare was the one area I needed to improve. I decided it was time to commit to the full self-care process, and understood that my skin was a very important part of that. This change got me thinking about my life and my skin long-term. I do all of this makeup and get glammed regularly, but how do I love myself and feel about myself when there isn’t any makeup on? So I started to reverse it all. Now I feel even more beautiful and sexy when I’m in the raw. It’s fun to get dressed to the nines, but I didn’t want to live in a false reality where I wake up in makeup every day. I needed to get more comfortable and confident in my natural skin, and that’s how OAM was created. OAM stands for ‘on a mission,’ and I like to say that ‘I’m a woman of ambition on a mission.”’

[Ciara] on Her Workout Routine and Diet

“I don’t work out every day, but I try to work out Monday through Friday, and in most cases, I take the weekends off. I like to spot-train if I have a video coming up or an award show, but I am challenging myself to train more frequently. I do a combination of plyometric workouts and cardio to keep the heart rate going, Tabata-style routines are important to me, and I love to ride my Peloton. You’ve got to break it up. For example, Wednesdays are typically bike days ranging from 20 to 60-minute rides, and I incorporate weights. It’s not too intense for a long duration which is important to me, but I always feel accomplished when I finish. Mainly, I try to make better eating choices because that’s more than half of the battle. I’m from the south; we get down, so I’ve had to do some good mental conditioning for how I eat because inside, I love food. I’m working on trying to eat fish at night, although I wouldn’t say I like eating fish like that. For breakfast, I love cream of wheat with crispy bacon. For dinner, I like to lighten it up because the nighttime is what beats us up. If I’m craving a midday snack, I like to have seaweed strips, cashews, and a little fruit, but I’m mindful of those in-between times. It’s all about balance, moderation, and being mindful.”

Ciara’s Beauty Must-Haves:

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