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Lipstick on The Rim: Bethenny Frankel’s Beauty Hall (Haul) of Fame – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Bethenny Frankel is a force to be reckoned with. She’s a businesswoman, television personality, entrepreneur, author, investor, philanthropist, podcast host, and now (drumroll please) beauty influencer. Just over a year ago, bored in her house, she started experimenting with beauty products. Not just any beauty products but ALL beauty products. She’s now a full-fledged expert. In fact, she’s even giving us a run for her money. This is such a fun episode and we think you’re really going to love this one. We dive into the best of the best of drugstore and luxury beauty a.k.a. the absolute lowest and highest products on the spectrum. Enjoy!

[Bethenny] On How She Got Into Beauty:

“I would be in my pajamas, hair everywhere, mascara down my face, and not even putting things on right. I was just screwing around. I didn’t even understand TikTok, and I realized I had this expired cream from 2000 years ago, and then over here is Cover Girl – how could this be so much better? I’m watching these influencers and thinking my life will be so much better if I buy this thing they’re selling. I didn’t think about lighting, I didn’t think about filters. I thought, ‘these people look stunning I’m going to look like them if I buy this product.’ So I started playing around and walked into this room. It was ridiculous and accidental. Every product I have was given to me, sent to me, expired, or some makeup artist left it, and that’s where I started. I realized women needed someone to break through the bullshit. This product is a yes; this one is a no.”

[Bethenny] On How She Knows If a Product is Worthy

“The truth is I know instantly, and it’s not because I tried it for six weeks and saw discoloration fade. That’s a separate category. That’s the Biologique toner that you know works because you’ve used it forever and know the tingle on your skin. That sort of thing, though, you still do know right away. You know when something is exfoliating. You can tell when a vitamin C serum works because of the feel and smell. It doesn’t mean you’ve taken the six weeks to do a results study because it’s not that. Truthfully most over-the-counter products are not going to be drastic. You can tell if something is watered down, if something has good quality ingredients, and if it’s going to absorb into your skin. I know skincare. I understand it, I can feel it. I can tell if the scent is too fragrant or if it will be tolerable. It was hard in the beginning, but now I have no tolerance for bullshit.”

Bethenny’s Beauty Must-Haves: 

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