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Lipstick on the Rim: Hilary Duff Takes Us Through a Day in the Life – and Talks All Things Beauty, Lifestyle, and More (FYI She’s a Master at Work/Life Balance)


Hilary Duff is a big deal. She’s had a career that’s spanned over two decades, she’s still working (at an all time high) and a mom of three. Did we mention she’s only 35? As someone who’s lived many lives, she’s been able to stay incredibly grounded and kind, too. On this note, as someone, who, from the outside, is doing it all and thriving, we really wanted a lens into a day of her life. And, we get pretty nitty gritty—from what time she wakes up (does she set an alarm?) to what she makes for breakfast, where she loves dining out, and everything in-between. There is no one more candid than Hilary, and, perhaps, that’s her very superpower. We’d all be so lucky to have a bit of that HD fairy dust.

[Hilary] On A Day in Her Life:

“I wake up at 6:15am every day, but I wouldn’t say I’m a morning person. I use an alarm, but I don’t need it; my body honestly wakes up on its own. Im such a pajama person.  My favorite is Eterne, and I also love Eberjay. On the longest day of the week, I’ll get the biggest non-invasive t-shirt and the nastiest sweats. I wake up really hungry, and I am obsessed with these cauliflower rounds. They look like pita and are super clean. They look like pita and are super clean. I’ll make that and top it with an avocado, an egg, or a vegan sausage from Beyond Meat. I like to do overnight oats, but I also eat a lot of things that go in my kid’s lunch. Yes, sometimes I eat a chicken nugget in the morning. I love working out, but I don’t like the chunk of time it takes out of my day. I work out with a trainer, and it’s usually different every time. Sometimes it’s HIT; sometimes it’s Tabata (I love Tabata day). Tabata is seven different workouts and a certain rest period in between. It’s like aggressive HIT, and when there’s not much time, Tabata is a great way to get a hard workout in fast. I do a lot of cardio, I love to hike. I’m playing tons of tennis right now, which is a new sport for my husband and me, and of course, I’m active with my kids.”

[Hilary] On Career Advice and How to Just Do It:

“Believe your own bullshit. Fake it until you make it; that’s what everyone is doing. Put your crown on, speak up for yourself, and believe in what you’re doing; other people will believe it too. It’s so scary to fail, and obviously, we know the importance of failing but how are we supposed to get everything right the first time? But it’s hard to fail. Especially because everyone is someone now, we all live our lives on social media; even if you have 10,000 followers or 100 followers, everyone in your world is following you, so you just have to do it.”

[Hilary] On Her Beauty and Skincare Routines:

My beauty routine is different every day, but I can do it so fast, which is awesome. I love Merit and Saie and use a Tom Ford foundation stick. My favorite bronzer is by Saie. It’s the Saie Sun Melt, and it is amazing. I am slightly obsessed with glitter, so I have the Stila Glitter Tube – I use Atomic Kitten. I also use a Charlotte Tilbury rosey-colored chunky glitter eyeshadow on top of it. I love daytime glitter, and if you love a wet-looking lid, you need Urban Cowboy by Urban Decay. It’s so pretty; it’s so sheer, and it’s the finest glitter swipe on your lid. I also really like Thrive Beauty Mascara and love the Jones Road Eyebrow Pencil. While shooting Lizzie McGuire, I had a bout of acne, but I’ve never had severe acne. About eight months ago, I started using Biologique products and just live for them. I also cleaned out everything and went totally clean with all my makeup and hair, and then I discovered Biologique. But now I’m getting more into balms, and I love to be greased up and oily. I love Tata Harper and this German line called MBR, and I always make sure to exfoliate twice or three times a week with the Revive Exfoliator.”

Hilary’s Beauty Must Haves:

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