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Lipstick on the Rim: Summer Trend Forecast! Rocky Barnes Shares Where She’s Shopping, What She’s Buying, How She’s Packing, Where She’s Traveling, and More


She started out as a model, blossomed into a content creator, and has since made her mark as California’s quintessential bohemian beach girl. Rocky Barnes. Her name even sounds cool, doesn’t it? She’s an expert when it comes to personal style. She travels a lot and is REALLY good at packing. We thought how perfect would it be to have her guide us through summer—fashion, travel, and beyond. She reveals her fashion must-have (hint hint: you’ll instantly look pulled together). She tells us where she looks for inspiration and the investment pieces we need for day and night. By the way—how she got her break is going to shock you. Happy summer! Can you believe it’s finally here?

“It’s everywhere at this point. The shows are always inspirational, and it’s funny because you go to the shows, and you see these universal trends that come through, and it’s the collective consciousness. All of these designers are on the same path even though they aren’t discussing it at the dinner table. These collective trends come through every season, which is fun to see because, you know, we’re all being influenced. Art is always imitating life. I feel like it’s always a life inspiration that everyone sees, and then there is a collective consciousness when you see these trends come through at the show.”

[Rocky] on Packing Tricks and Hacks

“My tricks come from my modeling days. I only used to do a carry-on. I would say, “If it doesn’t fit in a carry-on, we’re not doing it.” I’m good at whittling it down, but with my job being what it is and constantly having to shoot different looks, I’m not repeating outfits, so now I check a bag. My biggest trick is I style everything out ahead of time. I have each look styled down to the accessories ahead of time, from what shoes to what bag. And as you go through the packing process, you find the shoe that works with not one outfit but two outfits. And then, you find out the main outfits you love and edit them down. You learn which go well together and which transition from day to night well. But having everything set out that you’re going to need and not just throwing stuff in thinking stuff might work is crucial because it won’t work. And then you’re going to wish you had something else. It’s a lot of prep but saves you space and time in the long run.”

Rocky’s Beauty Must Haves:

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