Be your own
kind of beautiful


This is a world of beauty without noise.

We’re talking about a place full of ideas and ease and real tips and service that are actually useful. Because when you’ve spent your life in Milan and London and Paris and New York, while the world’s most talented makeup artists lined your eyes, swept your lips, and moisturized your cheekbones, you tend to pick up a few tricks. In fact, more than a few. This place is the compilation of beauty—and life—hacks gleaned by traveling to more than 40 countries for over three decades walking hundreds of runway shows and thousands of editorial shoots. This is the world through the eyes of Molly Sims.

But life looks very different at 46 than it did at 22. And there’s wisdom in that. So here’s where we dive in, bringing joy and honesty into every corner of beauty. This is not a place of $200 eye creams or ingredient label panic or mean girl judginess.

Whether it’s a tiny boutique in Paris with the most extraordinary packaging or the eyelash curler that morphs everyone into a Disney princess, the world we will build will be playful, honest, candid, and more than anything, inspiring. After all, this is beauty we’re talking about, and it should be as warm and inviting as the deep south—and yes, there may be a few nods to Kentucky and recipes thrown in from time to time. But ultimately, this is storytelling through one lens. It may click open on travel, on food, on parenting, on culture, on anything. But at the heart of our narrative, there is beauty.

There is beauty everywhere.