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Lipstick on the Rim: Celebrity Jewelry Designer Anita Ko (Our Favorite!) On How to Invest, Build and Style a Collection, Mixing Metals, Iconic Red Carpet Moments, and More


Anita Ko started out by making handbags out of fabric. One thing led to another and she got the attention of some big buyers. Cut to some more time later, and her jewelry business erupted. She’s made her mark by creating collections that are both wearable day-to-day and that exude a red carpet elegance. She’s worked with the likes of Michelle Obama, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Scarlett Johansson and so many more. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we wanted to plant some gift ideas in your head (or your husband’s, boyfriend’s, girlfriend’s, your own—whoever!). We discuss investing, collecting, layering, styling, mixing metals, and so much more. Happy early Valentine’s Day!

[Anita] On Building a Personal Collection

“I think first, invest in a necklace, whether it’s diamond, gold, or whatever. Some people are not diamond people and some people are not into solid gold. Whatever it is, invest in a piece of jewelry that you feel like you’re going to wear all the time. Sitting in a safe, it does you no good. You have to enjoy your jewelry, that’s what it’s all about. It’s a true way of expressing who we are and our personalities. Some people like a stark look, some people like no jewelry, some show their cool factor with it, or whatever it may be. Another thing is, invest in a great pair of earrings that you’ll be able to wear all the time. Everyone is so busy now, and if you’re able to curate a cool ear and go to bed in it, go to the gym in it, party, work, everywhere, it’s another great way to show who we are.”

[Anita] On Mixing Metals

“If you’re down to mix it really shows your personality. Some people love the uniform look of just one tone. I like the uniform look, but I switch it up. If I’m wearing yellow I do all gold, wearing white I’ll do silver, same with rose. I do mix yellow gold and rose gold though. I think if a girl wants to mix, go for it, it’s you. Enjoy it. Jewelry makes us feel beautiful, strong, sexy, empowered, and happy. Especially with a little sparkle, it brings out joy in us.”

[Anita] On Jewelry’s Everlasting Quality 

“Jewelry is often passed down in a family, it’s an heirloom. With my jewelry, I want you to be able to feel the way it’ll last a lifetime. Jewelry is meaningful. It brings a connection between a husband and wife, between friends who gift, or you to yourself. What’s nice is that you can always see it, and when you do, it’ll bring you that remembrance. Like when you wear that necklace your husband gave to you, you feel it from within. You feel connected, and it’s a nice reminder. Or when you buy yourself something for a milestone, you wear it and feel a sense of pride as you’re reminded of your accomplishment. Jewelry brings emotion out of us.”

Anita’s Must-Haves:


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