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Lipstick on the Rim: The Wardrobe Reset – Style Maven Larissa Mills On Everything You Need to Know About Getting Dressed, Why Winter’s Her Favorite Season, the DL on Sweatpants, and More


We have a stylish mom in the house, and at 52-years-old, Larissa Mills has become one of the biggest (and one of our favorite) style influencers. It all happened by accident. Her daughter, Ella, roped her into doing a TikTok that ended up going viral (go figure) and a year and a half later, here we are. We are obsessed with her OOTD videos. We are obsessed with her style. We’re basically just obsessed with her. Given that we’re slowly settling into 2024, we thought we’d pick her brain on all things resetting your wardrobe for this year and beyond. She happens to be a pro when it comes making basics feel anything but boring. If you’re in need of a little sartorial inspiration to help get your year off to the right start, this episode is for you.

[Larissa] on Her Essentials

“I don’t want to be boring because I feel like everybody says the same things when asked about their wardrobe essentials. My essentials are my basics. I feel like it’s so minimal. When I pack, I barely pack anything. So to start, probably a great pair of jeans. Some of them, I’ve had for years. It’s not like you have to get the latest and greatest every season. I tend to like the old Levi’s. I like a straight loose pair. I’m a product of the eighties, so l like everything oversized. Things are big and baggy now, and I’m loving it because that’s sort of what my comfort zone is. Even when it comes to things that aren’t as expensive, if you get them a little bit bigger, they have almost like a drape to them and they look a little bit more luxe. So after the good pair of jeans comes flip flops, a white tank top, and cashmere sweaters, to name a few. What kind of adds the ‘extra’ to those pieces is styling my hair, adding jewelry, or something like a flat that’s a leopard print. Another essential for me is my Fendi baguette. I love something that has a little bit of light reflection so that you could wear the white tank top, the jeans, flip flops, and then you have like a Fendi sequin little baguette that makes it kind of fun and not as boring. It all interplays.”

[Larissa] on Incorporating Trends

“There are constantly new trends. It may be an age thing for me, but I feel like I would hop on a lot more trends when I was younger. And I feel like that’s part of how you figure out your own style, by trying those things out. But at this point, the trend I sort of tap into generally has to do with silhouette. I feel like I have enough pieces in my wardrobe at this point that I can make work and look current. We talked about how nice a bigger blazer is, and I have blazers that were my dad’s that I’ve worn since the 80s. They sort of come back in different ways; whether you’re wearing it with a dress or you’re wearing it with a much skinnier jean with a high heel. Now I’m wearing it with straighter jeans and maybe flats. So silhouette is where the the trend comes in for me. Trend is fleeting and I just don’t want to be too trendy. I feel like a lot of my best pieces, I’ve gotten at consignment shops. And in part, I love doing that because not everyone’s wearing it. I think as far as the whole trend thing, you can look at it as inspiration and translate it so that it works for you.”

[Larissa] on Getting Dressed

“Sometimes you look in your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear. But the weird thing is, I don’t. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but when I go to bed, for some reason, it’s like my lullaby when I’m going to sleep: I lay there and start thinking of outfits. So I wind up putting pieces together. I feel like I have so many outfits that I want to put together. My head is like a Rolodex. It’s like an escape, like a fun little creative activity. I think layering embodies my style most. Jeans, a cashmere sweater, a scarf, and a sweater over that. I feel the most comfortable and most confident when I’m layering my clothes and am in a sort of loose, a little slouchy, and casual outfit. It’s also the textures for me. I love pairing sequins with cashmere, or jeans with cashmere or wool and then adding something metallic or reflective.”

Larissa’s Must-Haves:


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