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Lipstick on the Rim: New Year, New You – It Girl Claudia Sulewski On A+ Self-Care, Moving Your Body, Staying Motivated, Vision Boards, and More


She started out making YouTube videos in 2009 at the age of 13. The year is 2024 and she’s now 27—a rare breed of cusp Millennial and Gen Z. She’s still making YouTube videos but now with millions of followers. From fashion to beauty, travel and interiors, to workouts and wellness, Claudia Sulewski is a woman of many things with many fully baked interests. For someone so young, she has pretty excellent tips on living your best life which really just whittles down to putting your self-care first. As an individual who has to craft her own day-to-day schedule, she shares words of wisdom on finding discipline as well as tricks for working from home. Plus, she recently launched a very chic and very sustainable bodycare line, Cyklar that we can’t stop using. Oh, we forgot to say… Happy New Year! Thanks for continuing to be on this journey with us. We love you!

[Claudia] On Vision Boards

“We love a vision board. It keeps you dreaming and manifesting. As the new year rolls around, this is the time I love making my vision boards the most. I save them as my lock screen on my phone, and wallpaper on my computer. And sometimes it’ll be really, really specific, or sometimes it’s just vibes. It’s very common to reflect on your goals at the end of the year, but vision boards aren’t just for this time of year. I also love a midway point check-in mood board. Really, they’re just forms of a reminder for yourself and a way of manifesting and attracting things for your life.”

[Claudia] On Staying Disciplined

“Post-pandemic, especially for those of us working with content creation, we’ve been working from home. It’s so important to establish boundaries with yourself. The first one for me has been to make sure I’m not falling asleep by the computer and that I’m not waking up by it either. If you’re running on your own schedule, you really can work whenever you want, but it’s so important to take breaks. You should set your work aside when you’ve decided you’re done working for the day, not go back and forth. The days go by so fast and life passes so quickly. Another thing I’ve been trying to do is add variety to my day. For example, going out and getting a coffee instead of making it at home, going for a dog walk, getting outside, feeling the weather change, and so on. Also, set timers. I love setting 15-minute timers to get things done. It’s like a little game I play with myself. It’s so easy to get distracted when you work, making little tasks seem so daunting. Try not to dwell on it and just do it. You don’t need to procrastinate and you don’t need to constantly chase perfection. Lastly, it’s so important to get dressed for the day. It’s really just for you. It changes your mindset and can take you so far.”

[Claudia] On Overall Health

“I really want to prioritize my health to live longer, happier, and healthier. I’ve been trying to focus on this goal and it’s made me realize there are so many things that I neglect. This is a little materialistic but I just never do facials and I know I have to carve out the time to do that sort of self-care. Also, I need to figure out exactly what vitamins I need and need to make sure that I’m taking them every day. I’ve been slacking a bit but physical activity is big for me. I have two dogs so they keep me on my feet with our walks and hikes. I also love Pilates. I am that bitch that is watching a movie from the rug, doing crunches and calisthenics, like arm rotations. Anything to get some movement in. Another thing is cold plunging. I am such a fan. It’s great for your nervous system and forces your body to get uncomfortable and learn how to cope with very immediate environmental stress. It allows for you to tackle everything else from a better, calmer place. The endorphins you get are also great. The sauna is really good for you, too.”

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