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Lipstick on the Rim: Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power Love a Glass of Wine – How the Duo Stays Health Conscious with Alcohol and Beyond, Getting Around the Word ’No,’ and the Ultimate Tan Trick


Cameron Diaz was one of the first true health gurus. A favorite actress to many, she has that infectious laugh and smile, impossible to ignore. Soon, she will break her ten-year acting hiatus but in the interim, she’s found herself quite occupied with a new venture, going back to her health conscious roots. Enter Katherine Power. Entrepreneur extraordinaire. You might know her from a little brand we adore called Merit. First friends, then founders—Cameron and Katherine have become industry disruptors in the wine space thanks to their clean and ingredient transparent brand, Avaline. With a whole lot of laughs, we picked their brains on living more sustainably, plus, we got the lowdown on Cameron’s OG tan trick. You can thank Emese for that.

[Katherine] On The Start of Avaline

“It all started when we were having wine together and turned around the bottle, only to remember there was no nutritional label. Wine is one of the only consumables not regulated by the FDA and not required to have nutritional labels on bottles. If that was the case for any other food item, you wouldn’t even consider buying it, let alone consume it. We began to wonder what really goes into the wine we consume, because when it comes to other foods, we know exactly what we’re putting in our bodies. So we started by innocently wanting to learn about the winemaking process and began speaking to people who were even remotely connected to the wine industry. We knew we’d get pushback from the wine industry, but as consumers, we knew others would be compelled as well. We wanted to be a brand known for its standards and transparency, so we came out with ‘top sellers’ across wine so we could have something for everybody. We worked with a different winemaker for each one of our core wines and they were able to help us make the taste profile that we wanted.”

[Cameron] On Ingredient Transparency

“When we look at how these industries have taken over what we consume, we have to ask all of these questions to find out if these foods are safe for us to consume. To me, tht is so scary. You have to push people to tell you whether or not what they are putting in your body is toxic. It just shouldn’t be toxic at all. Now, we’ve been one of the first in this industry to put the nutritional facts label on the back of the wine bottle. It includes the ingredients, the calorie count, the sugar count, and more. We believe that will encourage more winemakers to do that. Avaline really set the standard for wine as a brand that’s made with organic grapes, zero (added) sugar per a glass, and is vegan. We are also transparent about other important facts consumers should know, including that Avaline has a relatively low alcohol content compared to other brands.”

[Katherine] On Being Entrepreneurial

“Find knowledgeable people to ask questions. Have a problem solver mindset. When told “no,” take it as “not this way” and find another approach. It’s just about being actively curious. Every single day, learn a little bit more about what it is that you want to do. Put one foot in front of the other, making little tiny moves, small progress every day. It then kind of takes on a life of its own and builds momentum.”

Cameron and Katherine’s Must-Haves:



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