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Lipstick on the Rim: Our First Live! Lilly Singh On Overcoming Fear, Empowering Women, the Importance of Failure, and Her Top Notch Hair Care Routine


Our first-ever live podcast recording took place earlier this week, and boy was it fun. We were so thrilled and honored to have multi-hyphenate extraordinaire Lilly Singh join us on stage in front of an audience at The Wrap Power Women Summit. We discuss Lilly’s journey with mental health, how she’s looking to change culture, and de-weaponize shame. She’s a major advocate for girls and women and wants you all to know, yes, she does, in fact, have an agenda. We discuss how important it is to fail in finding who you’re meant to become. We answer some audience questions, do our typical rapid fire. Oh, and, of course, we get into some of her beauty favorites. Let’s just say she has A+ hair. We hope you love this episode as much as we do. Thank you The Wrap and Lilly for everything you’re doing.

[Lilly] on Hair Care

“I oil my hair and just like you do a skin routine, on Sundays, I do a hair routine. Taking care of your hair is so important. My hair routine is now like the thing that I care about. We put so much crap in our hair, and so I’m all about putting the shield back onto my hair, taking care of it so it looks good for a long time. Not trying to be that person, but when it comes to skin and hair tricks and care, nothing is new to us Indians. When I was younger, my mom would oil my hair, and looking back, she was such a genius. All the things my mom has taught me from a really young age have allowed me to have really amazing hair. I’m working with Aavrani to launch a new hair oil, and with that, we’re bringing together tradition and science to create a truly wonderful product.”

[Lilly] On Navigating Social Media

“Social media is a tricky relationship for me. Social media is why I have a job, it’s why I’m sitting here, why I started making YouTube videos, and why I started creating content. Through social media, I built an audience and a community. My brain thinks in terms of content all the time and I’ve been forced to constantly reflect on my relationship with social media. It’s definitely a double-edged sword. It’s a beautiful tool for unity and we’ve seen it accomplish amazing things, but I’ve also seen some of my worst days because of social media. Instead of trying to change the landscape and being of social media, we need to give ourselves the best tools and mindset possible to understand what social media is. For example, I meditate and journal enough to know that when someone says something to me on social media, it actually has nothing to do with me. Whether or not someone likes you really has nothing to do with you, because really it’s just an opinion and a form of projection.”

[Lilly] On Overcoming Fear

“There’s a power that lies in choosing unity over fear, choosing openness over fear. Often in life, we are faced with two choices. One is fear based and the other is love based. Loving yourself, loving others, and loving your experience all fall into choosing love. Although it’s been extremely difficult to make that choice time and time again, I continue to choose love over fear. I’m no expert, I’m figuring it out myself just like everybody else, but I’ve found therapy, meditation, journaling, and other daily practices, among other things, to be a huge help. As women, there are so many strategic systems put in place to make us feel shame and fear. Learning about these and why they exist in the first place is a huge first step to smashing them to the ground. This is going to sound so cliché but every failure that I look back on, I think to myself, ‘thank God that happened, ‘thank God I got that rejection,’ or ‘good thing that person put me in my place.’ Those have all been part of my path to becoming better and not bitter, in becoming more skilled, more educated, with thicker skin, and in becoming the person I am today.”

Lilly’s Must-Haves:

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