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Lipstick on the Rim: OMG You You Need That’s Hally Seminara and Lauren Vreeland On Holiday Dressing, Gifting for Everyone in Your Life, Winter Style, and More


It’s the holiday season and we’re as ready as ever (even though this year has gone by insanely fast). If you recall, we had on one half of the OMG You Need That duo last year—the wonderful Hally Seminara. Now, we’re lucky to have both Hally and her stylish partner in crime, Lauren Vreeland. We wanted to get some expert guidance on all things holiday dressing, gift-giving, and winter style. We learn what textures to embrace for the joyous times ahead (hello, velvet, and sequins). We also learn how to wear the same dress three ways for any and all upcoming gatherings. If you have a festivity on the horizon, this episode is for you.


[Hally] On Dressing Clients

“Having a budget is always helpful.  I think that’s always the first question we ask clients because we can make anything happen. And then based on the budget, we’ll go to see what store we’re going to look into and shop at. Then, the theme of the party or event you’re going to is a great detail to have.  There is definitely a learning curve, as we’ve changed the ways we do things since we started. I think when we started, we were so eager and excited to just be doing something that we loved, and we were like, we’re gonna do Instagram, we’re gonna do in-person clients, we’re gonna do closets. But we soon realized that was too much of an undertaking, and I think, through social media, we’re able to reach a larger audience.”

[Lauren] on Wearing the Same Dress Multiple Ways

“I think you definitely can wear your dresses again. It’s just about how you do it. So, a black dress for example. Let’s say you have a black velvet dress or a black shift dress or even something like a simple black dress. You can totally change the look by, let’s say, doing your hair down one night with a red lip. Next time, do your hair up in a ponytail with a black bow. Add a leather jacket another night. Do a cute cardigan the next night with your hair up. It’s all about how you change your look. Accessorizing definitely helps. Even putting on $30 earrings and having your hair out of the way for them to show is totally going to change the look. Sometimes, it’s better to invest in accessories that can go with a different look instead of going for a new dress or other clothes.”

[Hally] On Denim 

“Denim is changing so much. We get this question all the time on Instagram, “can I wear skinny jeans? Can I wear this? Can I wear that?” And I’m like, “try the trend jean and see how you can make it work.” Also having a great tailor, who can bring those jeans to a level where you can wear them is half the battle. I mean, we’re both short, so having that great tailor really helps. If you want to do whatever denim trend, the cargo or the wide leg, you just have to find the brand that works for you. It’s really all about trial and error. Order multiple pairs, order multiple sizes, and just try them all on. Also, returns are so easy nowadays and you get your refund instantly. Jeans are very specific, there are so many different looks and sizing isn’t always accurate. Every brand is cut differently, so I would say my number one denim tip is to find your brand, order multiple sizes and fits, and go from there.”

Hally and Lauren’s Must-Haves:


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