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Lipstick on the Rim: What is De-Influencing? Breaking Beauty Duo, Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins, On Who and What They’re Influenced By, Their Top (and Bottom) Shelves, Skincare Supremacy and More


We love getting to talk to other hosts of beauty podcasts especially dynamic duos. We were so honored when Breaking Beauty’s Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins said yes to coming back on. In 2021, we had a super fun conversation with them all about summer glow. Cut to present day and we’re switching gears, picking their brains on a big and buzzy word in the beauty industry: “de-influencing.” Plus, they tell us who and what they actually are influenced by as well as reveal everything in their top (and bottom) shelves. If you want to be hit with everything going on in beauty right now, we suggest you take a listen.

[Carlene] On De-Influencing

“For so long we’ve seen so many positive reviews on social media saying ‘try this’ or ‘this is great,’ partly because there are a lot of influencers who need to stay in the good books with those brands. So when people started de-influencing and saying ‘this is not worth your money’ or ‘this is crap,’ it was cutting through a lot of the clutter and getting a lot of attention on these social media channels. Jill and I jumped on it and did an episode on de-influencing. We talk every month and then do our Damn Good episodes where we test everything on the market and we tell you what’s #DamnGood. So we did a month where we tested what’s not good and not worth the spend. People liked it.”

[Jill] On Advice For Treatments

“My biggest piece of advice with treatments is this. I am SO picky about who would be administering anything on my face, whether it be a dermatologist, a nurse, or a facialist with 20 years of experience. I went to a very ‘aesthetic’ facial place not long ago and had a treatment done. There were micorcurrents, something went wrong, and I got shocked in my face. So that’s my biggest piece of advice- research, research, and research. Look at ‘before and afters’ and try to always go to a dermatologist. I do pretty regular facials with Dermalogica like deep exfoliation and LED. Treatments don’t have to be two hours long. So many people are just short on time, but there are flash treatments you can get done more often.”

[Carlene] On Her Beauty Staples

“I rotate things out a lot just because we test out a lot of products. But I definitely have some staples. One of them is the Hourglass Ambient palette. It has six shades, a highlighter, a blush, a bronzer. I’m not usually influenced by 20 year old girls but I was influenced by Alix Earle. She was using it in such a different way, using the bronzer on her eyes and the whole palette to do her entire face. I though ‘this is literally for me,’ because I’m a lazy/busy girl. So I use that all over and love it. Every woman in their 40s needs an Ambient palette. That’s always on my top shelf.”

Breaking Beauty’s Beauty Must-Haves:


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