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Lipstick on the Rim: Beauty Expert Jenna Rennert Shares Her Secrets and Hacks for the Best At-Home Treatments, Nighttime Non-Negotiable’s, the 5-Minute Face, Maintaining Long Hair, and More


Jenna Rennert is truly one of our favorite people in the beauty space. In fact, she gives us a run for our money. Since coming onto the podcast two years ago, she’s grown into a friend and we inherently trust her opinion (and knowledge) when it comes to skincare, makeup, and beyond. She’s diligently mastered a knack for some of the most clever tips, hacks, and tricks. Jenna dishes on the best at-home treatments including the ultimate at-home facial and how to de-puff your face. She gets into all of her nighttime non-negotiable’s and shares her 5-minute face for day, everything Mary Phillips has taught her, and so much more. If you’re a true beauty lover (like us) this episode is for you.

[Jenna] On Skincare At-Home

“I have my staples and I’ll try new things every four-ish weeks. If I like a product, I’ll keep using it. If I don’t, I’ll stop it. If I notice any kind of major breakouts, obviously right away I’ll stop it. For the most part, I usually give it about a month to really test it out. Makeup, almost immediately, you know whether you like it or not, from the first wear. Skincare, though is really more of that perpetual use, to see if a product is really working for your skin. Personally, I have a three-step facial when I see my skin is looking a little bit dull, a little overworked, tired… I’ll do an exfoliation, a clay mask, and last step, I’ll do a hydrator.”

[Jenna] On Her 5-Minute Face

“I’ll do SPF, either the matte SPF from Supergoop, also love the Shiseido or the Chanel one. Then, I’ll do Erborian beauty cream or the Hermès one. Then, I curl the lashes; I don’t wear mascara everyday. I love bronzer on the eyes and blush, just a tiny bit. I like a creme blush. I also really like a hot pink blush– like, super hot. Mary Phillips taught me to apply a little higher than you think you would, like right underneath your under-eye area, and it lifts your cheeks and makes you look more wide awake. And, putting the same color across your nose. That’s really it.”


Jenna’s Beauty Must-Haves:

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