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Lipstick on the Rim: Vogue’s Chioma Nnadi On the Biggest Trend for Fall, Young Designers to Watch, Vintage Haunts, and Why She Still Loves Getting Dressed Everyday


Vogue’s Chioma Nnadi is a force to be reckoned with—and with Fashion Week and fall on the horizon, we thought there was no one better to sit down with than the very woman who is constantly ahead of the style and culture eight-ball. After all, that’s the exact job of a Vogue editor. With a cue from boss Anna Wintour, one must always be on the lookout for what’s next. On that note, we discuss the influence of the Lydia-Tár effect, Barbie-core, and Wednesday Addams. Chioma shares her #1 celebrity style icon, young designers to watch, favorite vintage haunts, and why her approach to shopping is emotional. If you’re a fashion and culture lover, this episode is for you.


[Chioma] On Fast Fashion 

“I do think the digital age accelerated fashion, and maybe now we’re in a process of slowing down and trying to appreciate it. You talk to a lot of young people now and they’re really kind of intentional about what they buy, if they buy new things. However, many of them don’t [buy new things], they prefer circular fashion, they prefer to buy something vintage, or they want to know where it’s made. They want to make really intentional choices. Obviously fast fashion is still huge, but I think we’re beginning to learn just how damaging it is to the environment and just how important it is that when we invest in new things, that we we think responsibly about what we’re buying.”

[Chioma] On Fall Fashion Trends

“First of all, you need good tailoring. I think everybody watched Tar and was talking about the Lydia Tar effect and you saw it all over the runways. Everywhere was sort of clean lines, beautiful tailoring. Whether you were at The Row or Proenza we saw this kind of pared-back, very elegant look. It’s always exciting to see something quite grown up, something that feels like an investment, that feels tangible. Sometimes, we see trends or moods coming through the collections that maybe aren’t so applicable to everyday life, but everybody can wear a good suit jacket or a really well tailored pair of trousers. I think tailoring is something that feels really connected to the real world and our lives, especially as women.

[Chioma] On Her Style Inspiration

“I’m going to sound like a real fan girl, but I think Rihanna is forever the style icon for me. I love seeing her in all stages of her life, and womanhood. I think there are very few celebrity women who dress as well as she does and have as much fun with fashion. I mean, there’s tons of people who I think have incredible style. To me, just watching people dress on the street is the most exciting but as far as celebrities I think she is the one I’m kind of keeping an eye on.”

Chioma’s Beauty Must-Haves:

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