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Lipstick on the Rim: You Asked, We Answered – Molly and Emese’s First “Ask Us Anything” (Beauty Bests, Procedures Tried, Mom Uniforms, and More)


This is a new episode for us that we’re calling “Ask Us Anything.” We thought we’d poll you guys on some of your burning questions (we got so many!). We truly wish we had time to get to all of them in under an hour. We answer who makes the best red lip, what procedures Molly has tried, what Molly and Emese do with all the products they receive, their Paris musts, and so much more. We’re thinking we’ll do these episodes every so often—it was fun and we hope you enjoy. Keep sending in your questions. 


[Molly] on The Perfect Red Lip

“I’m going to say Pat McGrath’s MatteTrance™ Lipstick because it is that orangey red color, and the bottle’s beautiful, it’s got like lips on it and it’s black and gold, it’s so chic. It’s probably my all time fav next to Chanel’s Rouge Allure.”

[Emese] on The Perfect Red Lip

“I feel like because my lips are thinner I shy away from it, but I like the red Westman Atelier palette, because I feel like it can give me a soft red lip. I also love the Violette Bisou balm, which is a red tint, so it’s a really sheer way of wearing red. You can kind of just keep putting it on and it never gets too strong.”

[Molly] on the Perfect Sports Mom Outfit

“My number one tip is to layer and always bring an umbrella and a wagon. That being said, I love a stripe, a jean and a puffer jacket. I also just love great, stretchy black leggings or a good pair of high waisted jeans with more of a crop top and an oversized jacket.”

[Emese] on the Best Non-Gel Manicure

“I have found my one nail polish that does not chip and it’s a clean line. It’s called Lacquer Londontown, it’s all organic, non toxic, and it doesn’t chip. It like lasts almost as long as a gel does on me,  about a week, so I can handle that.”

Molly and Emese’s Beauty Must-Haves:

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