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Lipstick on the Rim: From Healing Era to Bitch Phase – Chriselle Lim is Power Dressing, Creating Powerful Fragrances, and Empowering Women Around the World 


An OG influencer, you might know her from The Chriselle Factor. Or maybe you know her from being the #1 fashion expert on YouTube. Or maybe, just maybe, you know her as the founder of one of the chicest fragrance brands, Phlur. Missing person, anyone? Point is, Chriselle Lim is a badass (and mom of two) and we greatly admire her for that. Having recently gone through a divorce, she’s found herself embracing strength in vulnerability and turning to community more than ever before. And, she’s not afraid to tell you, she’s officially entered her ‘bitch era.’ From power dressing to powerful fragrances that evoke even more powerful memories, she’s re-defining what it means to be working mother today.

[Chriselle] On Style

“I think my style has evolved a lot since I was first starting in fashion. I started off being very feminine, especially with my blog—frilly dresses and things that could twirl. I think that is the beauty of fashion. It’s really a reflection of the state of life of where you’re at. Back then I really wanted to feel girly and feminine because that’s what made me feel good. Now in my stage, I think EmRata calls it her “bitch era.” We’re both divorced. So I guess I’m in my “bitch era” now. I feel the most confident in something that feels cool, effortless, sexy, kind of undone, a little more masculine, that has a sexy edge to it.”

[Chriselle] On Phlur

“Born out of heartbreak, post divorce, something that I really poured my heart and soul into. It was a really big part of my healing. Each scent is tied to a phase I went through personally in my life. Our scents are based off of memories that are universally shared even though we all might be going through different things we all go through the same emotions. Our very first fragrance was Missing Person and we were doing something no one had ever done which is to sell a brand new fragrance online that no one had smelled before. Missing Person is about missing a moment in time in your life, missing that one special person, missing somebody or something. That’s the story I was telling. I hated waking up to an empty bed. I had been in a relationship for 15 years and all of a sudden I felt naked and incomplete. I was missing the feeling of being with someone and I wanted to bottle that into something that felt nostalgic and warm and like I was with somebody.”

[Chriselle] On Confidence

“I had to learn how to fake it but now I think I’m very confident. How you truly become confident comes from a deeper place after you’ve gone through some stuff that makes you realize you can handle anything and that nothing can take you down. Not that I wasn’t confident pre-divorce but I think I was knocked down a few times pre-divorce even with businesses and getting rejected. When you know yourself and your self worth and what you actually deserve anything else beneath you, below that, it doesn’t really affect you as much emotionally. Of course in the beginning it hurts a little bit but then you develop a thicker skin and that’s where the confidence starts to develop.”

Chriselle’s Beauty Must-Haves:

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