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Lipstick on the Rim: Celebrity Wellness Physician, Dr. Dominique Fradin-Read, is the Key to Aging Backwards, Losing Weight, and Feeling Your Best (Hello, Adele’s Transformation)


She is THE celebrity wellness doctor. And, yes, she was behind the magic that was Adele’s jaw-dropping body transformation. A leader in prevention medicine and aging backwards, Dr. Dominique Fradin-Read’s approach combines her French roots with her current stake on American soil. In fact, she breaks down the main differences between European and American methodologies. Maybe you’ve wondered what ‘HCG’ is or what ‘insulin-resistance’ really means. From lifestyle interventions, such as protein-heavy eating (diet is a not a word in her vocabulary) to what peptides are, the one’s we should be taking and why, to hormone management, this is an episode you won’t want to miss—especially if you want to stay young forever. 


[Dr. Fradin-Read] On American vs. European Methods

“In France we still have the art of medicine in a clinical sense. You examine your patients, you listen to their symptoms. In America, it’s all about technology and laboratory testing and more testing. Sometimes we forget that the patient is a human being and we need to stay on the clinical side of it. When my patients come to me for a lab review, they want me to tell them what happened since our last visit—that they’re here to look at their labs. I tell them I want to hear what’s happened to YOU during that time. It’s not about a number. I don’t treat labs, I treat you. We need technology. Americans are probably ahead of us in terms of the new discovery and science so I am lucky to have a bit of the two, the mix. I try to blend that in my practice to find the best treatments and diagnoses.”

[Dr. Fradin-Read] On Aging Backwards

“As we age our metabolism changes. First of all, we are going to be less active. The context of the environment contributes quite a bit, so does the physiology of the body. Especially for us females during menopause there’s a hormonal shift in insulin and estrogen. They talk to each other. There is a hormonal imbalance that contributes to insulin-resistance which is going to make you burn less calories so you need to restrict your diet but the drawback is that women are having to restrict their diet too much. In doing that, the body decreases its metabolic rate even more. It’s a course against the clock and about finding the right equilibrium to have enough calories but adapted to your age. I recommend the ‘Mediterranean diet’ (although I don’t use the word ‘diet) because it’s been proven to offer the longest longevity. Protein saves your life forever. Test your leptins. Lastly, Metformin is a French discovery and probably the number one anti-aging drug.”

[Dr. Fradin-Read] On Peptides

“I am really enthusiastic about peptides—I think they’re going to be a revolution for “well-aging.” A peptide is a small protein—it’s less than 50 amino acids linked together. We have about 170 peptides now and peptides have a mission. They are going to find in your body some receptors and because of their structure they are going to stick in the receptor and give orders. You have peptides that are going to go into the receptors for the growth hormone and going to help you produce more growth hormones at night when you sleep. There are peptides that are going to help with weight loss. I have a lot of excitement for it and a little bit of fear. Glucagon-like peptides are molecules that go to your brain that block the receptors of hunger. They make you more sensitive to insulin so you are going to burn more sugar. They can also make you feel full because they slow down the emptying of your stomach. A lot of benefits. This is not something a young girl who wants to lose two or three pounds should receive. Mounjaro is only for dietetic patients with FDA approval. This is going to work on the fat cells and will help you lose your visceral fat and decreases cholesterol. It protects against Alzheimer’s. Everyone wants to jump on this one.”

Dr. Fradin-Read’s Beauty Must-Haves:

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