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Lipstick on the Rim: What’s Your Sign? Astrologist to the Stars, Susan Miller, On Horoscopes, Mercury in Retrograde, and More


It’s not everyday we get to sit down with a best-in-class astrologist. In fact, they’re hard to come by. Susan Miller is one-of-a-kind and the best of the best. There’s no denying her expertise—just look at her website, Astrology Zone, where she details each horoscope sign every month with a personal touch. Whether you’re a Gemini (cue Molly) or a Leo (cue Emese) there’s no bias taken and she treats all signs like her first-born children. Because, after all, these are people’s lives we’re talking about! From mercury in retrograde (when it’s happening and what it actually is), to a full birth chart reading (and a compatibility test in tow), get out your sun, moon, and rising signs, because we’re headed for the stars.

[Susan] On All the Zodiac Signs & What to Expect


“Aries is having their Emerald year and it gets even better by January. From January 12 to around Mother’s day, middle of May, glorious. It’s like they poked the piñata and all the gifts of the world fell on their head. Aries has to know what they want because if they don’t know, the universe can’t give it to you. Try to imagine your life like a movie and what you’d like to happen next.”


“Taurus has the best year, ever, ever, ever. It goes from May to May. One whole year. This happens once every 12 years so this is special. It also brings money. To Taurus, if they don’t have a nest egg, they don’t like that. They will be able to accumulate money and make some wise investments.”


“Geminis are making friends that are important to them. Jupiter is in the house that the ancients called the “house of joy.” It is it one of the happiest houses of the horoscope. It’s the area you get something you’ve always wanted—spiritual or material. You get your biggest year not in 2023 but in 2024.”


“Cancer has really nice aspects in November/December for travel. Foreign people, foreign places. Publishing, broadcasting, legal maters. Also educational opportunities like getting a scholarship or a grant. They will expand their view of life and what is possible. Their career is totally on fire. Cancer can not do anything wrong. Their bosses love them.”


“Leo, you’re going to see some good money in your investments or commissions or royalties in November/December. That’s a really good time for you to make a deal because you’ll have Jupiter in the house of performance. It’s money that comes to you from an outside source, not your normal income.”


“Virgo is going through a very important period for their career. It’s going to last until March 25. They are a very modest sign, they don’t ask for a lot and yet the world has come to their door and wants to give them what they have always wanted. They love to communicate but need a purpose to it. They have a medicinal side where they like healing. A lot of them go into the medical field or yoga or massage therapy, anything like that.”


“The Libra’s are getting the best assignments. They are just doing so well. They are doing well in their marriages if they’re already married but if they’re not married, they’re getting married or are getting benefits from their partners. If they’re not getting getting married or don’t want to be, they can use this energy to get a good agent, partner, publicist, social media manager, accountant—someone who works in a confidential way, one-on-one with you to make you better and shine like a diamond.”


“Scorpio has such a beautiful Christmas coming up, one of the best. Jupiter’s coming back to Pisces and it’s just joy. It’s romantic, it’s heavenly. It’s either joy with a partner or with a newborn baby or children—something about children, creativity, and love. And just having fun. This is a sign that’s working all the time so this is good for Scorpio to have another side of life.”


“I know this sounds crazy but Sagittarians could find their dream home in November or December. The most perfect house could come to you, something big, spacious, with a view, with large closets, in the perfect neighborhood at the perfect price. I know no one is buying real estate but the actual sale of the house might be just too good to pass up the price. It may be someone who inherited a piece of property—Sagittarius, you’re luckier than a little leprechaun. Next year, you feather your nest and the love comes in in 2023. Your biggest year for love, children and creativity.”


“Capricorns are going to have the real estate that Sag has next year beginning of January after the 12th; we have to wait for Mars to go direct—he’s about to go retrograde. From January 12 on, particularly at the end of March, you could find the home of your dreams and you can negotiate the price down.”


“Aquarius, you’re going to make money in November and December. Good money—I think it’s a raise or a bonus or a valuable piece of jewlery or some kind of gift. This is special, not what you usually get. Someone is really going to take care of you, and appreciates you, or loves you (if it’s a family member). The rest of the year, you’ll be traveling, but not far.”


“Pisces—money, money, money. You are going to make so much money. And finally your ship is coming in and it comes into the middle of January to May and it’s fantastic.

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