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Lipstick on the Rim: The Queen of ‘No-Makeup-Makeup,’ Bobbi Brown, On Her Seasoned Hacks, Creation of Jones Road Beauty, and Her Signature Must-Have Nail Polish


Bobbi Brown. A name synonymous with innovation and entrepreneur. She’s the true queen of “no makeup makeup.” Starting as a makeup artist in the early ‘90s, her approach was unlike anyone before her—embracing natural beauty, practically putting that term on the map. Not only did she make it fashionable to look like your best self, leaning into the idea of “less is more,” but she made it marketable to an industry that was championing bold looks and bright colors, shifting the decade into a more minimal period. We talk all things natural beauty hacks and tricks (after all, this is her expertise), how she came up with the name Jones Road Beauty (and what compelled her to start another line). We even got the down-low on her must-have nail polish she’s worn for decades. With an ease and confidence to quickly puts into focus how she’s been able to achieve all that she has over all these years, we could have picked her brain all day.

[Bobbi] On Natural Beauty

“I’m really curious and always think I can do things better. It’s what fuels me, my creativity, my passion to figure things out, working with a team of capable people. I have lines in my forehead and I’m okay having lines in my forehead. When my neck starts to look a little less firm, I put the Hippie Stick on or an oil. I’m all about laser treatments. I don’t think people realize when you don’t look good you’re probably tired so pay attention to why you might be tired. Drinking enough water is usually the story with me, I don’t drink enough. I try to drink water before I have a green tea or caffeine and that usually helps. Sometimes I just need oxygen. When I’ve been in meeting after meeting, I need to get outside and breathe and be by myself for a few minutes. Moisturizer isn’t going to get rid of lines and sunspots but it is hydrating your face and often when you’re tired, you’re dehydrated, so it’s all kind of the same thing.” 

[Bobbi] On the Creation of Jones Road Beauty 

I wanted makeup that looks less like makeup. It was really important to me to launch Jones Road on this day in October because it was the end of the 25 year non-compete. It was a week before the presidential election and everyone said “you’re crazy, why are you launching it now? No one’s going to pay attention.” I launched it sitting on my couch at work and we were off the races. We could not agree on any name. We were driving to the Hamptons and my husband likes for me to be on Waze and Google because God forbid we have to say on the L.I.E. and we arrive four minutes late. I’m glad I did. I put my head down and I saw Jones Road and I just said out loud “oh my god Steven, Jones Road Beaty.” He said he liked it and so did I. I called the office and the girls liked it and it was available so we named it Jones Road.”

[Bobbi] On Her Signature Red Nails 

“It’s kind of become my signature and the story behind this nail polish is years ago when I was at the big brand and there was ton of people in the office. I got a call from the supermodel, Yasmin Le Bon asking if she can come over. She walked in the office and she had hair in a pony tail, a white Hanes t-shirt, a pair of jeans, not a stitch of makeup on and short red nail polish. Everyone in my office sat there with their mouth wide open. The next day half the women walked in with short red nail polish and I’ve been doing it since. Essie Geranium

Bobbi’s Beauty Must-Haves:

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