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Lipstick on the Rim: Supplements, Smoothies, and the Secret Sauce to a Long Lean Figure with Fitness Guru Sami Clarke


It’s fair to say we all want to look good but feeling good is just as important too. Sami Clarke, maven of all things fitness and wellness is here to share her secret sauce on achieving those long and lean muscles we’re always coveting (and, no, it doesn’t mean killing yourself over hours of unnecessary cardio). This former model is now the founder of Form, the digital platform and wellness community that encourages you to be your best self. If you’re looking for a new workout routine, you’re in luck. With a range of targeted movements, Sami’s approach is working out for anywhere between 5 and 35 minutes—and if that’s not the best sentence you’ve read all week then you’re in for a real treat. She shares the supplement that transformed her life, the smoothie she makes post workouts, and easy ways to spice up clean eating. Sign us up.

[Sami] on Thoughtful Movement

“Learning to walk outside and moving your body to connect to your body, not to look a certain way, has been transformative. I learned to move my body because I understood what it needed and I wanted to share that. I also want to share a convenient way to do it because we have busy schedules. I’ve done the thing where I’ve gone to the gym for one or two hours and I don’t have time for that. For me, it’s that short yet effective workout. I had a lot of rude awakenings going the more intense route and my body saying ‘I’m not even going to let you try. I’m going to come out through your skin, I’m going to give you no period. I’m going to knock all those things down.’ So I had to create a workout routine that worked for my body, saw results, but also felt good in the inside. Some days it’s HIIT, strength, HIIT, cardio. I also change up muscle groups so everyday I do a different muscle group so we’re really engaging and really toning. We’re also not using crazy heavy weights.”

[Sami] on Her Workout Routine

“Working out five times a week is usually my drill. Usually it’s Monday through Friday and then weekends I love to hike or change it up with a pilates class or I love yoga. I love to walk too. Especially in Covid, a lot of us picked that up. But five times a week, I’ll work different muscle groups and two times of the week, I’ll do full body. Full body is usually when I do some cardio or HIIT workouts. I don’t put a time on cardio but I intertwine it into the workout which makes it more enjoyable. You’re all of a sudden in a movement and it’s cardio. My average workout is 30-35 minutes and I take minimal rests which gets your heart rate up. Since it’s a short amount of time, we’re not wasting any other time. You just feel like you got it done and then you’re out. If you’re committed, and you’re on top of it with your foods, you’ll see results.”

[Sami] on Why Nutrition is #1

“I’m not a dietitian by any means but with my work I do know some things about how it works. I think it’s about focusing on eating whole foods and choosing colorful foods that are fueling your body. Asking yourself if you have a good amount of protein in all your meals and if you’re getting your veggies in. Really having that mindset to start rather starting with calories. You could grab four pieces of bread and that’s your calorie intake but was that a healthy option? I have a dietitian on the app and we have two different programs—a whole meal plan, which is really great for someone who’s trying to kickstart and lose some weight and going for those healthier options. The meal plan is breakfast, lunch, dinner—every single day but also very realistic. She also gives a lot of mindful eating tips like putting down your fork every bite you take. She has other little tools like that especially if you’re working on your relationship with food and how to be mindful. I think we’ve lost a little bit about what food is doing for us. It’s not just what it makes us look like but how it makes us feel.”

Sami’s Beauty Must-Haves

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