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Lipstick on the Rim: Hot Girl Habits, How To Age Backwards, & The Supplements You Actually Need With Catt Sadler


Today, we’re talking hot girl habits with Catt Sadler. Catt Sadler is an iconic journalist turned podcast host, mother, and all-around badass. Today she’s sharing the workout that changed her life, her experience leaving E, & the ingredient you need to start adding to your coffee. She shares 4 hot girl habits to level up your daily routine, while we discuss the skincare she’s been obsessing over.

Listen here for the full episode:

[Catt] On Choosing to Leave E!

Catt decided to leave E! around four years ago due to a wage gap. Molly asks Catt to describe that feeling. “We never know what our journey will be,” explains Catt. “I chose to leave, and I’ve learned many lessons after that. It’s all good. You have to know your worth. I get emotional still thinking about all that happened around four years ago. I chose not to sacrifice my soul for a job, and as I got older found my path.”

[Catt] On Starting Her Podcast It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

“I really took inventory of my life after leaving E!. I knew I didn’t want to go back into doing entertainment news. It was fun covering pop culture, but I felt like I had graduated from that. 2020 was hard, so I wanted to start a podcast that was more uplifting.”

[Catt] On Divorce & Learning

“I’m still good friends with all my exes. In all my relationships, I learned so much about myself. I’m learning. I’m such a different person, and I welcome that shift in learning. It’s a continuous evolution. I’m a seeker. I want to learn. There isn’t a finish line.”

“Life is all the seasons.”

[Catt] On Nutrition

” Dr. Nignma Talment is a homeopathic doctor and she has helped me so much. I used to eat badly, and when I started eating better I totally shed pounds. I never deprive myself and 80% of the time I eat healthily. I have been experimenting with meatless February. David Sinclair talks a lot about how meat is hard to digest, and that you could be aging yourself by eating meat.”

[Catt] On Hot Girl Habits


Mushroom Powder

“I love Lions Mane Mushroom powder. I put it in my morning coffee. It’s a cognitive supplement and helps with immunity.


Vitamin C Powder

“Dr. Nigma Talib has an amazing Vitamin C Cocktail powder. I saw it on Goop, and it’s amazing. All her products are amazing. She has tons of beauty vitamins.”



“Do you want to feel balanced, have your mood stabilized, have better periods, and have better sleep? Then you need to take CBD. I love the brand Equilibria Women. It’s the Chanel of CBD. I love the save the day capsules, and I love that this company pairs you with a dosage specialist so you don’t have to worry.”



“My followers are probably so annoyed with me talking about yoga, but yoga is my number one weapon. Some people have an allergy to yoga. I got over it.”



I love gratitude journaling. I have this spiritual prayer book that I got from Pima Chodron.”


“Taking care of your mental health is a hot girl habit.”

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