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Lipstick on the Rim: 4 Easy Ways To Prep Like A Sports Illustrated Cover Girl With Kate Bock


Do you want to learn how to prep like a Sports Illustrated Cover Girl? Meet Kate Bock. Kate is a full-time model and has been on the cover of Maxim, Elle, Ocean Drive, Fitness, Elle Canada, & the cover of Sports Illustrated. She shares 4 easy steps to getting bikini ready, how to feel your best self (even when you don’t), & her ultimate hack to staying on track with nutrition. We discuss her super hot relationship and everything she’s doing for wedding prep. Wait for the end to hear her must-have skincare and makeup products.

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[Kate] On Becoming Kate Bock

I was discovered at age 12, and at the time I was a swimmer. I would swim every day before and after school. My mother agent discovered me at the swimming pool. I moved to Paris after high school, and I said I would model for a year and come back. And here I am now.”

“When I first moved to Paris, I didn’t have wifi. We got our schedule faxed to us and we had to map out our directions before we went to each job.

[Kate] On Feeling Your Best Self

“My physical health and moving really help me feel in touch with my body. I love doing something to move my body every day. It actually helps my mental health. Working out right at the beginning of the day sets my day up for success. I do a lot of workouts, and I love to switch it up. I do love Megan Roup, her workouts are amazing in-person and virtually. And I’m not a dancer, and she didn’t make me feel intimidated at all. I also love a hot yoga class, especially after flying. I do reformer pilates, and in the summer I love taking the dog on an hour and a half walk.”

[Kate] On Nutrition

“I eat pretty consistently, honestly. Kevin and I have our essentials always on hand. We have eggs for breakfast, and a salad with protein. We always have veggies, hummus, and avocado.”

[Kate] On Her Beauty Must-Haves

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