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Lipstick on the Rim: PSA Cleanses Are Dead – Reset Your Metabolism, Detox Your Body, & Build Better Habits With The 5-Day Reset Kroma, With Lisa Odenweller


Does your body need a detox? Meet Lisa Odenweller – the founder of the incredible 5-day reset, Kroma. Kroma believes in the power of food as medicine, and that mother nature is our greatest resource for naturally fueling our mind, body, and soul. Lisa is here with us today to share her knowledge from her 14+ year wellness journey. We discuss the old toxic cleanse culture, how to beat that midday slump, and why she focuses more on what happens AFTER the 5-day reset. She shares the detox program that is actually easy and the go-to product you need to stock up on.

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[Lisa] On Her Life-Long Wellness Journey

“I have been in the wellness industry pretty much my whole life. When I started Beaming Cafe, we really only had Jamba Juice at the time. For me, it’s been this journey since I started when I was little. I grew up eating healthy food and exercising. I always had this desire to take control of my health. As time went on, I remember ogin to the gyno, and I was not feeling great. My hair was thinning, I had brain fog, and the doctor told me I was getting older. My daughter had also been on ADD medication for two years, and every doctor said medication was the only way. And the medication caused a mood disorder, and as a parent, I was like, no, this doesn’t seem right. I really took a deep dive into using food as medicine. I kid you not. Within two weeks of removing gluten and artificial foods, my daughter’s ADD went away. That’s why I started Beaming. And my bigger dream was how can I reach more people, and that’s how Kroma was born. I want to make it reach everyone.”

[Lisa] On Toxic Cleanse Culture Is Dead

“Beaming was born at the juice cleanse, and I couldn’t understand why we were doing this. It’s filled with sugar, and I watched the culture of that. During those juice fasting days, I was like, I’m not a doctor, but I know this isn’t good for you. So I thought, how do we change this and make it about nourishment. I like to turn things inside out and challenge things. What if we made it about feeling good? What if it could taste amazing? This is about intuitive feeling. How do I feel?”

“I shouldn’t have to punish myself to feel good.”

[Lisa] On The 5-Day Reset

“I care more about what happens after than the reset itself because that’s where it matters. The reset resets habits and behaviors. So think about what happens after. Now it’s about the lifestyle. It’s designed with the reset, and then we have the daily essentials.”

“All these cleanses take caffeine out, and I get it, but I know you’ll put it back in. So let me introduce a healthier version of caffeine. Let’s be realistic. I love matcha because it creates a great balance of energy, and it also is the best mood booster ever. Matcha also ignites metabolism.”

“Because the program is customizable, everyone’s body is unique and has different goals. You can add more for people with a high metabolism because you aren’t trying to lose weight. You want a reset. For others who may need a massive clean-up or need to get ready for a big event – you can do it to lose weight and do it in a healthy way. It has to be individualized. I need to be able to show up for my work and my kids, and I don’t have time to slow down.”

“Kroma really helps you understand that food is your friend.”

“The reset changes the way you look at calories. We have 125 superfoods in the program, and I sourced all the ingredients. I found things in the world that not everyone knows about it or no one knows how to use. Even down to the maple sugar we use.”

[Lisa] On Her Favorite Kroma Products

“So you get ten products a day. Beauty matcha, porridge, different elixirs – there’s a hydration one you can use after a workout, a smoothie. Many people don’t get to the smoothie because it actually is a lot of food. It’s an abundant amount of food, and you make it work for you. You have two broths a day – a beef or a chicken one. You can saute some vegetables and put them in the broth if you want to. In the afternoon, you have a super greens elixir. And there’s an afternoon latte. And the Snooze is filled with magnesium, and there is actually a deficiency.”

[Lisa] On How To Beat That Midday Slump

“The afternoon dip is when we’re hit the most. It’s great to have a product like our OMG Cookie Butter because it is filled with nutrients. Other great snacks are bone broth or a smoothie. And I am so simple with my smoothies. I love vanilla, and I don’t even add anything to it. You can also have water, tea, or hot water and lemon.”

[Lisa] On Beauty

“I’m huge on beauty from the inside out. I had to undo a lot of damage from when I was younger. I really love some of Dr. Nigma’s products. I use her skincare now. I love some Goop products – I love the Goop Glos, the toner, and the face wash. Vitamin C & Retina are so good for you, and I can’t do it. I love micro-needling, and I have done some intense procedures, and I can’t tell you if it’s really done a lot.”

“Makeup wise, I really love Super Goop. I also love Saie’s Slip Tint. I also love Jones Road. I love her cheek glow stuff.

[Lisa] Rapid-Fire Wellness Edition

  1. What’s one thing you wish everyone would stop eating? No diet soda
  2. One habit every person should put into their routine? Matcha
  3. Wellness product you can’t live without? Kroma Reset
  4. Go-to form of workout? For efficiency, it’s a HIIT workout, and  if I’m on a call it’spowerwalking
  5. Coffee or tea? Matcha 
  6. Favorite supplements? Magnesium, Omegas, and B-Complex
  7. Who do you look to for opinions on all things beauty and wellness? You guys 😉
  8. Biggest pet peeve? Self-criticism and criticism of others
  9. Favorite cocktail? Amass and Tequila
  10. If you could give yourself a piece of advice to your 10-year-old self, what would it be? Trust the process

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