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Lipstick On The Rim: Come Clean With Kristin Cavallari: Clean Beauty, Clean Eating, & The Key To Her Insane Confidence


#34 Reality TV star turned badass business mogul, Kristin Cavallari, joins us today to give a lesson in detoxifying our lives. From clean eating to clean beauty, she’s sharing expert tips on leveling up on our clean lifestyles. We discuss the key to executing her weekly meal plans, her go-to workout routine, & why she’ll never be sorry for being confident. She walks us through her go-to makeup products and the key to finding balance in life.

Listen to the full episode here:

[Kristin] On Business

Kristin begins the episode chatting about all things business. She is the founder of the Uncommon James empire and has grown and learned a lot while becoming such a successful entrepreneur. “I had a shoe line with Chinese Laundry, and jewelry felt like the perfect transition into my own brand. I actually had a jewelry line before uncommon James, and here I learned what not to do.”

“Sometimes learning what not to do can be more valuable.”

She goes on to explain, “after I had a fire and a passion to do it right.”

[Kristin] On Clean Beauty

“Luxury companies claimed their products were clean when they actually weren’t. The chemicals they add into the products are actually aging you,” explains Cavallari. This motivated her to start a clean beauty line that is efficacious and that she trusts.

See Uncommon Beauty’s full skin care line below:

+ Daily Foaming Powder Cleanser

+ Pineapple Peptide Nectar

+ Daily Water Cream

+ Triple Effect Eye Cream

 + Mango Lip Balm

[Kristin] On Clean Eating

“The key to detoxifying your life starts in the kitchen,” Cavallari explains. 

“Eat the bread as long as it’s real bread.”

“I really try to eat real whole foods. Chemicals are so bad for us. At my house, we try to stay away from cow’s milk, but we do eat real butter. I’ve eliminated white salt, sugar, and flour. I love foods like black forbidden rice, brown rice pasta, and goat cheeses.”

Emese asks how she gets her kids to eat healthy because she has struggled with her youngest. “My kids have luckily never known anything different,” explains Cavallari. She also mentions that they are getting older, and it’s becoming harder because they get snacks from their friends at school. “But there has to be a balance,” Cavallari says. She doesn’t want her kids to go crazy when they aren’t at home because they have been deprived of snacks. Some clean snacks for her kids she loves are beef jerky sticksLesser Evil PopcornScout Bars, and seaweed snacks.

[Kristin] On Meal Planning

Kristin shares the key to her healthy lifestyle – writing weekly menus. Her menu changes constantly, but her current rotation of meals looks something like this: For breakfast, she’s loving egg crepes (recipe in True Comfort), for lunch, she loves to salad with a type of protein, and for dinner, her current rotation is lasagna, chicken ragu, or steak.

[Kristin] On Fitness

Molly asks Kristin how often she exercises. Kristin explains, “I exercise 5 times a week, and I love to lift weights. I obviously love the physical aspect of it, but I mainly do it for the mental aspect. I’ve been lifting weights for 8 years, but this past year I have really been pushing it. I’ve gained weight, but I really just gained muscle. Instead of focusing on the scale, I ask myself – ‘how do I feel? How do my clothes fit?'”

[Kristin] On Confidence

“I was always the new girl, and I moved around a lot, so I had to make friends and get out of my comfort zone. My confidence now, in my thirties, really comes from how well I know myself. I am now truly confident, & I know what I stand for. Confidence is really about getting to know yourself – whatever that looks like to you. I also think confidence comes with age.”

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