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Lipstick On The Rim: Meet The Happy Doctor, Dr. Deepika Chopra On Taking Control Of Your Life Through Optimism, Evidence-Based Manifestation & Weeding Negativity Out of Your Life.


Want to learn how to be authentically optimistic and weed negativity out of your life? Meet Dr. Deepika Chopra. Today we sit down with Dr. Chopra, who has a Doctorate in Clinical Health and has devoted her life to helping people learn true optimism & evidence-based manifestation. She shares tools to increase positive thoughts, how to cope with bad energy & she reveals the secret superpowers of highly sensitive people. Join us as we get real about what makes daily affirmations work & how creating boundaries protects your energy.

[Deepika] On Becoming The Optimism Doctor

Deepika walks Molly & Emese through her journey to becoming The Optimism Doctor. “My background is that I have a doctorate in clinical health psychology”, explains Deepika. “And I’ve been studying optimism and resiliency for over a decade now.” She explains how when she was getting her degree she noticed everything was past driven, (what happened in your childhood to make you feel this way). She also states the science behind how the brain is future-driven. “I really became obsessed with that. How can we help people have more positive future thoughts? And so when I say positive future thoughts, that’s optimism. Projecting something in the future that is gonna go well.”

[Deepika] On True Optimism

“First of all, I have to define what a true optimist is”, explains Dr. Chopra.

“Being optimistic and increasing optimism, despite what a lot of people think is not just about being positive. It’s really much more about resiliency and curiosity.

“A true optimist is someone that sees all the setbacks and the roadblocks and can hold the true, authentic feeling that they’re feeling. Whether that’s fear, worry, shame, guilt, anger, any of those feelings that don’t feel good. They are in it authentically. They lean into it, but at the very same time while they’re still in it and feeling it and going through it and aware of it. They have some space for hope and they have this idea that whatever they’re going through is temporary and something that they have the ability to overcome.”

[Deepika] On Protecting Yourself Against Bad Energy

Deepika explains, “we are not here to change other people’s energy, but we are here to protect our own.” She goes on to mention an example of protecting your energy. “You’re having a good day. You’ve done your like morning routine. You’re feeling good. And then you get in and you see a colleague and they’re just like F this and in the worst mood ever. They’re venting their experience and their emotions. And then as humans, what do we do? We usually with a good intention of trying to be empathic, we try to match their story. So we’ll be like, I know what you mean. I’m so sorry. I had a really bad day last Tuesday, and this is what happened. Then you’re telling that story and guess what your entire mood and your energy has now shifted and changed. We have to start to get a little more protective. It’s really important to tell your story and watch your language and keep your story, in your own lane and be able to listen.”

[Deepika] On Doing Inventory On Your Life

“There’s this thing I like to call a network sweep. I like writing down a list of the people you spend most of your time with and ask yourself, do you consider them happy? Do you consider them seeking happiness? How do you feel around them? There are some people that are going to be in your life even if you may not have chosen them, but they’re in your life and they’re important to you. There are certain obligations that we have, but how much of your life is an obligation? How much of the activities and energy that you spend your time on our obligations on how much. Because you want to spend time with those people that give you energy and don’t always drain you.”

[Deepika] On Affirmations

“I’m sure this might be a little controversial, but I don’t actually believe in blanket statement affirmations. There’s been a lot of research done that oftentimes they can actually be detrimental if you don’t really believe them. Our brains are very smart. If you hold a belief that you don’t like yourself, and someone tells you to stand in front of the mirror and say, I love myself 10 times, your brain is going to start gathering all the evidence for the last 30 plus years of all the reasons why that’s not true. I think that for an affirmation to really work you have to believe it 7 out of 10. You have to believe it has to be authentic and true.”

[Deepika] On Must-Have Beauty Products

“My favorite product that I can not live without, and it’s actually part of my morning ritual. It’s also part of my four-year-olds morning ritual that is face sprays. Not just because I think they’ve got great stuff in them, but I’m big on scent and aromatherapy and color therapy.” Molly asks about her favorite makeup products. “So I’m not a huge makeup person, but I love blush. I use BeautyCounter, and I use this company Lawless. I’m obsessed with the Lawlessin color Phoenix. I just recently started wearing mascara I’ve tried out a couple. But I like, but I really like Thrive Cosmetics.”

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