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The First 30 Minutes Of My Day: Sivan Ayla Richards


Influencer, entrepreneur, and mom of two, Sivan Ayla has her morning routine down to a science. She is able to balance life, work, and kids by creating boundaries and a routine that works best for her family. Whether that’s taking turns of who watches the kids that morning or putting her phone on silent throughout the previous night. Find out how this boss babe manages it all.

7:00 AM

Even though I just had another baby, I’m luckily sleeping until 7 AM thanks to my husband who takes the “morning shift” with the kids. I wish I was an early riser, but I’m sadly one of those grumpy morning people.

I’m usually woken up to my daughter Capri climbing into bed with me. And while she watches a 15-minute episode of something on TV, I skim my emails for anything pressing, respond to texts, and catch up on social media. I sleep with my phone on Do Not Disturb mode so there’s usually a good amount to deal with first thing.

7:15 AM

I change into a workout set or sweatsuit (usually from TAN + LINES) and do my morning skincare routine. I always rinse my face with cool water to help me wake up, followed by Summer Friday CC Me Serum, Cle De Peau Cream, and then + Lux Unfiltered Nº12 Bronzing Face Drops. I apply 5-6 drops of + Lux Unfiltered Nº12 Bronzing Face Drops after I apply my moisturizer for a deeper color and instant glow. I try to keep my beauty routine pretty low maintenance for the most part.


7:30 AM

Head to the kitchen and make my family breakfast. Capri and I usually make a smoothie or juice. For the smoothie we usually do: coconut water, banana, spinach, spirulina, hemp seed, date, and cucumber. I also make an iced coffee because it is CRUCIAL for me to survive. I do A LOT of ice, almond milk vanilla creamer, and then my favorite Nespresso pod (Iced Legerro) for the perfect morning pick-me-up!

From there I play with the kids for a little until my sister arrives to watch them and then I can finally head to work and get the day started with my team.

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