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The First 30 Minutes Of My Day: Cindy Crawford


While some of us struggle out of bed, supermodel and founder of skincare line, Meaningful BeautyCindy Crawford, makes early mornings seem effortless. A quick dip in the jacuzzi and sunrise session have become her go-to to prep for the day ahead. With a quick skincare routine and a pre-workout drink, Cindy is ready to take on the day energized and with a fresh-face. Find out how this beauty spends her first 30 minutes. 


6:30 AM

I wake up and the first thing I do after checking my sleep score on my Oura ring (anything over 85, I consider great). Then I take 5 minutes to write in my Five Minute Journal. Hairstylist, Jen Atkin, sent them out as holiday gifts one year and I love how not intimidating it is.  After that, I almost always throw on one of my favorite robes–which is usually a pretty print from Spell and the Gypsy. Then, I head down to the jacuzzi and watch the sunrise. But before I jump in, I use my Elemis dry brush. It is said to be great for exfoliation and cellulite, which I am hoping is true!

Once I’m in the warm water, I use this time to take a moment of gratitude and mentally run through my day.


6:45 AM

I throw on my workout clothes—usually Lululemon. Since my jacuzzi counts as a pre-workout bath. 😉 But before I head downstairs, I make time for a little skincare routine.  I am obsessed with our new Meaningful Beauty Smoothing and Refreshing Eye Serum.  This cooling gel serum instantly helps awaken the eyes.  I also love the metal ergonomic applicator that feels so insanely good and helps with any puffiness. Pro tip: I store it in the fridge for extra soothing.  Then, I apply my Meaningful Beauty Youth Activating Glowing Serum and for an extra wake-up, I smooth it in with our new gua sha. For a touch of color, I apply a little Jones Road Miracle Balm in “Tawny” and head downstairs.

7:00 AM

By 7AM, my husband and sometimes my daughter and her dogs are up.  We all meet in the kitchen for our breakfast drink of choice.  I recently switched to the Foursigmatic Coffee (I actually think I heard about it from Molly’s Instagram!). It’s a nice substitution for the very strong coffee my husband makes.  If I don’t have coffee before my workout, I usually make a shake.  I use almond milk, ¼ banana, a cup of spinach, fresh mint, Ladder Vanilla protein, and a handful of cacao nibs.

I try to catch the first 5 minutes of CBS This Morning. I love the segment called “your world in 90 seconds.”  We use this time to talk about what’s going on in our lives that day.  Then I head down to the gym for either Pilates or Circuit training with cardio intervals with trainer Sarah Hagaman.

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