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Beauty Secrets & Tips That My Community Swears By


If you haven’t joined Molly’s niche Facebook group yet, then it’s safe to say you are missing out on some of the best beauty advice, tips, and sense of community. Women from all around the world and of all ages have been sharing their expertise and personal testimonies on products they have used, what’s worth it, what’s worth getting rid of, and most of all WHAT WORKS. With 4,000 members and counting– we collected the most-asked beauty questions in the group and their responses.

Here’s what our beauty-obsessed ladies had to say.

Is The Dyson Airwrap Worth It?

“Yes! I absolutely love it. All of the attachments make it easy to style your hair straight or curled. It also cuts my drying and staying time about in half – it’s powerful! The curling technique takes a little bit to get used to, but the round brush and regular brush attachments are very easy to use! I’d recommend it.”

“Obsessed! My only regret is I didn’t get it earlier!”

Top Foundation Picks

The results are in and these are the foundations that are on everyone’s radar.


The SPF Moisturizer They Swear By

Finding the perfect SPF Moisturizer can be as hard as finding the perfect little black dress. Lots to choose from; however, it still needs to be the perfect fit. Our beauty gurus said these SPF moisturizers are their favorites.


The Best Lip Balms That Every Woman Needs

The next best thing to lipstick? A nourishing and hydrating balm that can be worn every day at all hours. The group has spoken and these are their go-to’s.

The Eyeshadow Primer That Never Fails

We all love an eyeshadow moment but hate when it fails to last all day. These primers will be your saving grace to bold and beautiful eyes from day into night.


Hyaluronic Serums That Need To Be In Your Beauty Cabinet

Your skincare routine is missing its MVP— a hyaluronic serum. The beauty gurus round up their favorites that will guarantee a plumped and youthful appearance in no time.


Best Facial Dark Spot/Cream

Dark spots, be gone! These are our ladies hero products when it comes to hyperpigmentation, sun spots, or photodamage.

Best Eye Cream If You Are In Your Early 40s

What’s one of the first signs of aging? Your under-eyes. Here’s what the Beauty Scoop said will do just the trick to defy gravity.


The Bronzer You Can’t Live Without

Consider this your contour session that defines those cheekbones and adds just the right amount of bronzy, sun-kissed shimmer.


Natural Deodorants That Work

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