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7 Mascaras That’ll Make You Kiss Your Lash Technician Goodbye

By Melissa Epifano

Okay, your lash technician is great. No one knows the intricacies of the tiny hairs sprouting from your lids quite like them– not to mention you always leave looking like you were born with the wink of a supermodel. But, it goes without saying, this year has been different. If you can’t quite get into the salon, or perhaps don’t feel quite as comfortable doing so anymore, you can most certainly rely on mascara in the meantime (or for good). We’re not just talking about any mascara, but the ones born with the chops to transform your lashes in a matter of swipes. 

Natural lashes were the preference for quite a while, but with mask mandates, emphasis on the eyes is everything. Lashes with volume are slowly surpassing the one-swipe look, and even colored mascaras are sneaking their way back into makeup bags. Certified makeup artist and esthetician Elena Duque says,

“Women want a mascara that gives the illusion of false lashes. Lash extensions have been all the rage for a long time now, but they’re expensive, time-consuming, and bad for your natural lashes.” Elena Duque says. A Certified makeup artist and esthetician.

So obviously, you need a mascara that can do it all. For Duque, she can’t get enough of the Liquid Lash Extensions mascara from Thrive Causemetics. “People ALWAYS think I’m wearing falsies when I wear this mascara! Plus it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and free of any yucky ingredients. It also just won an award from Allure for best mascara.”

Makeup and hair artist Andrea Claire, who has done up the faces of stars like Romee Strijd, and Liv Lo Golding, has mentioned a lot of clients are looking for more dramatic eye looks, especially with a little pop of color since lipstick is currently out of the question.

“Nothing is easier than simply applying a colored mascara. You can be subtle or bold,” she says.

“Try with a bare face and eye, complement with a unique colored or patterned mask or monochrome eyeshadow — e.g. pink eyeshadow with pink mascara. It’s another way to be distinguishable from the sea of masks.” She personally recommends L’Oréal’s Voluminous Original Mascara in Cobalt Blue and one from Ciaté (which is currently unavailable, but its Keep An Eye On Coloured Mascara is the perfect replacement).

Luckily, mascara has come a long way from its boring colors and clumpy goops. The following formulas raved about by makeup artists, editors, and celebrities will fill your lash extension void and the part of you that’s missing all-things bright and colorful. So, take this as your official two weeks notice to your lash tech — we guarantee you probably won’t be back.


Maxlash Volumizer Mascara $17.06

Doucce’s thick bristly brush can be credited with the falsie-like finish that comes from this mascara, but it’s more than just a bushy applicator. Half of the brush features shorter bristles and the other half has longer to both lengthen and boost volume at the same time — aka the dream multitasker.

Voluminous Original Mascara Cobalt Blue $8.99

Claire recommends this option for the ultimate ’80s throwback. Its blue hue gives your lashes much more pizzazz than your classic black or brown mascara, but it’s not as bright as other neon hues so you could definitely wear this out to grab groceries. Not to mention, it provides added dimension, too, so you get color and volume — it’s a win-win.

FetishEyes Lengthening Mascara $30

The name really says it all, and after one wear you’ll have an affinity for this mascara and the lashes it gives you. Your blink will be fully coated after a few swipes, and you can forget the feeling of dry crumbly formulas thanks to the peptides and panthenol that’s infused in this mascara. It’s a cult-fave for a reason.

Lash Sensational Mascara $9.99

Mascara is one of those things where price doesn’t always correlate to quality, and drugstore brand mascara can be just as top-notch. If you’re looking for an option that gives your wallet and your lashes some love, Maybelline’s Lash Sensational formula is your perfect match. Because it can be easily layered, this tube lengthens, curls, and amps up the volume all at once.

Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara $24

Sometimes the issue that arises with volumizing and lengthening mascaras is how easily they clump, and not everyone is down for that spidery look. This non-smudging option from Thrive Causemetics, which Duque suggests, pulls out all the stops by separating your lashes while giving you an extension-like finish — no clumpy fiasco here.

Diorshow Lash-Extension Effect Volume Mascara $29.50

Tiny little fibers are mixed into this formula to coat your lashes, basically giving them micro extensions and unparalleled volume. Beloved by runway makeup artists, your lash tech will be breaking a sweat once you see how well this mascara replicates falsies. And, other than black, it’s available in a shade of brown and blue if you’re in need of something a little more fun.

Lash Brag Mascara $25

The point of your mascara is to be brag-worthy, and this version lives up to its name. Separating them while pumping in major volume, it’s no wonder this formula has been crowned one of Allure’s best. Most importantly, you’ll be able to reach the ultimate goal of stopping friends and strangers are the street who will ask where you get your lashes done, only to reply that they’re natural.

photographer: Cassidy Bliss Cooper

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