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20 Beauty Lessons I Learned in a Makeup Artist’s Chair


Eighteen years as a model will teach you a few things—how to walk in confidently in heels, how to pose for a picture, and just about everything you could ever want to know about how to apply makeup.  “I have become more than well-versed in the land of makeup,” says Molly, who also learned a few things not to do. “There was one time when people were using Preparation H as a secret hack to face tightening. I’ll spare you the details and just say, I do not recommend this.”

We asked Molly and her longtime friends and go-to makeup artists Gianpaolo Ceciliato (@gpcbeauty) and Nikki La Rose (@makeupbynikkilarose) for their best, most secret, most worthwhile, and most doable tips. Get the scoop below.



For a glowy look minus the shimmery, glittery vibe, apply small dabs of Aquaphor with your fingertips on top of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, brow bone, and Cupid’s bow. Instant dewy skin.


Dip tweezers into your contouring palette. Then take the dipped tweezers and trace along the bridge of your nose creating two perfectly thin parallel lines. Then blend with a contour brush or sponge to narrow and contour your nose.


If you have hooded eyelids, place Magicstripes Eyelid Lifter over the folds of your eyelids, and sweep eyeshadow over it. This will define the crease in the eyelids and make the eyes look more awake.


Take a clean cotton swab and place it horizontally in the middle of your lips while holding a slight grip. Use the Q-tip as a lip guard while you apply the lipstick in the corner of your lips. This will help to avoid smudging in the corners.


If you overdo lip gloss, dab on a bit of translucent powder for a slightly more matte finish. Simple, quick, and way easier than wiping off sticky gloss and starting again.


If you have dark circles under your eyes, apply a couple of dots of red lipstick to the area, blend it in, and then blend concealer on top. The pink and red tones will cancel out the grey-blue of the undereye area.


Pour chamomile tea into ice cube trays in the evening. By morning run the chamomile cubes along your face. The cold factor combined with the flavonoids in the tea will help reduce any overnight puffiness, leaving your skin absolutely refreshed.


Take fresh beets, chop them in half, and dab a beauty blender sponge on the liquidy part of the beet. Apply that to cheeks and lips for the ultimate flushed—but totally natural—look.


For an easy, dewy skin hack grab your favorite neutral shimmery eyeshadow and a clean spoolie brush. Roll the spoolie brush around the shadow and when it’s full, mix it into a spray bottle of rosewater. Instant natural glow to your skin.


If you want to make your brows look fuller, grab a bar of clear glycerin soap, a clean spoolie brush, and makeup setting spray. Spray the bar of soap with setting spray, brush your spoolie over the soap thoroughly, and sweep it over your brows in upward strokes. Instant full, glossy brows.


To make lashes look thicker, grab a business card, place it along your top lash line covering your entire eyelid, then apply on mascara freely–getting every single lash beautifully coated. The excess mascara will be hitting the business card, not your shadow.


Keep a spray bottle of plain water in the fridge. Every morning, spray your face with refreshing cool water. It perks up the skin and gets the blood flowing.


The best way to exfoliate the lips is with a child’s toothbrush. The soft bristles and tiny shapes are ideal for lips. It’s especially great to exfoliate before wearing matte lipstick.


Warm your eyelash curler vigorously in your palms before you use it. The warm metal helps shape the lashes so much better than a cold curler. If you need to look even more awake, line the waterline of your eyes with white eyeliner. Instant eight hours of sleep!


Always do your eyes first for two reasons: 1) You can clean up any fallen shadow and 2) once the eyes are done, you will likely find you don’t need anything else.


Add a couple of tablespoons of loose green tea to your regular creamy cleanser. Stir all contents well and then apply a thin layer to the face. Rinse it off after five minutes. It’s the perfect gentle, exfoliating brightener.


Turn pencil liner into a gel by heating the tip of the pencil for one second with a lighter or match. Let cool for 15 seconds. This will soften the pencil so it’s easier to apply and give it a deeper color payoff.


To make eyelashes look thicker, apply a coat of mascara, then lightly dust on translucent powder to the lashes, and finish with another coat of mascara.


Take an eyeshadow that is the same color as your hair, and dust it along your hairline. It’s a super-easy way to make your hair look thicker.


Add makeup primer to your sponge after it’s wet to prevent the blender from absorbing too much foundation.


photo courtesy of @lefreaks_ 

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