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Get Organized With The Home Edit

You guys have seen them on my social, the women of The Home Edit are who made me neurotic about home organization. They’re here to talk about everything form how they met to the messiest celebrity they work with!

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My Homes Over The Years

If I didn't have a career in acting and modeling, I swear I would have become an interior designer. I am beyond obsessed with the whole idea of buying and flipping homes... Drew & Jonathan Scott... I hope you're reading this. But in all honesty, interior design is my true passion. 

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Scarlett's Room Tour

Kids’ rooms should be playful and reflect their unique personalities, but that doesn’t mean a room needs to be childish. Don’t forget, children’s bedrooms are part of the house. We chose sophisticated but whimsical lighting; light woods and color palette that blend with the rest of the house; and design details such as curtains, rugs, and art that are a reflection of our house’s overall design aesthetic. You should want to spend time in your children’s rooms.

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