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The Natural Makeup Look is Trending & These are the Products We Recommend


In the world of fashion and beauty, there are constantly new looks and trends to try. Nothing really seems to stay around for too long. But (literally) going back to our roots, the natural makeup look is having a major moment, and we’re absolutely here for it. First and foremost, let’s bust this myth. A natural makeup look doesn’t always mean using fewer products. A big part of this look is using lighter formulas and using a very light touch when applying the makeup so it looks like it’s barely there. Makeup generally changes your face whereas this approach simply accentuates your features and overall look.

A few tips: Prep your skin well before applying any makeup products. Always apply creams and liquids before powder products, do not mix. Use a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer as your base and go in with a concealer for spot treatment. The no mascara trend and faux freckle trends fit this natural makeup look so well. To see more trending makeup looks, click here. If you’re a mascara girly and just can’t give it up, try applying brown mascara. Use a little gel, tinted or clear, to fluff up your brows. Using liquid or creme blush rather than powder is the way to go for a minimalist look. And for your lips, try to stick to a lip liner and sheer lip color combo for a hydrated look that is close to your natural lip color. The best tools to use for this look are your fingertips or a damp beauty blender.



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