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Organization Tips & Tools To Elevate Your Closet Instantly


We’ve all experienced a chaotic closet at some point. You know the drill—digging through piles of clothes, hunting for that one top while tripping over shoes you forgot you owned. We get it, so we compiled a list of tips and tools to make your space more functional and efficient, a space where every piece gets its moment to shine.

There is no best way to organize your closet, you just have to find what works for you, meaning there obviously has to be some logic behind it. Some common ways to organize are by color or type of item, i.e. t-shirts go together, sweaters go together and so on. However there are also some steps that everyone can benefit from.

First things first, decluttering! This step can be one of the more overwhelming tasks, but it is also one of the most important. This means getting rid of those random old shoeboxes, and those old pieces of clothing that are collecting dust. A helpful trick when doing this is to ask yourself if you’d still buy that piece today, if you saw it in a store, or if you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably won’t wear it anytime soon. When decluttering, a great option is to sell your piece on apps such as Depop, Poshmark, and The RealReal, or donate them to thrift stores such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, or your local donation center.

Now that you’ve freed up some space, here are some of our favorite items that will help you add organization to your wardrobe. It’s really important that the organization system you come up with isn’t a one-time thing but is rather something you can consistently maintain over time.

Having a tidy space allows you to access so many pieces and style new outfits.


Drawer and Shelf Storage

These drawer dividers are so sturdy and look like they’re built into your drawers.

These little boxes are a great separation tool for undergarments and socks.

These dividers allow you to add separation to your shelves to store more of a variety of things or keep stacks of folded clothing from toppling over.

This is a great way to store items you aren’t reaching for everyday. It also keeps you shelves looking clean and cohesive

This stackable shelf gives you additional storage place on any surface.

If you fold your jeans and don’t hang them, this organizer is for you! It also makes your items more identifiable and easy to pull out. This fits sweaters too!

Hanging Closet Storage

If you need more shelf room but have a lot of vertical space in your closet, this is very practical.

Velvet hangers offer a sleek look while also having the added benefit of being non-slip and super slim, making them space-saving!

Add these to your hangers to make hanging strapless pieces and skirts super easy.

These little hanger attachments give you more hanging room and can also be great for pairing items. For example, use this to hang your two favorite white tees or your matching set’s top and bottom together.

Garment bags can be used to store pieces in your closet that take up a lot of space (these bags kind of compact them) or have materials such as sequins or tweed that shouldn’t rub up on other materials.

This is a great tool to double your hanging space. It only really works if your closet is tall.

Shoes & Bags

For those of you with big shoe collections, this makes it easy to store some pairs away.

Try incorporating stacked storage solutions to optimize space.

Your shoes will take up half the space with these.

This organizer allows you to have easy access to each of your handbags and not have them all toppled over each other, which can cause hardware scratching and material creasing.

Let’s face it ladies, we spend a lot of $$ on some of our bags. Let’s protect them!

These shoe shapers are great for shoes sitting in your closet that need a little bit of help holding their shape.

Jewelry & Accessories

One of Molly’s favorite jewelry designers, Anita Ko says velvet trays and boxes are the best way to store your jewelry. PS, these trays are also stackable!

If you don’t have extra drawer space for jewelry, which most of us don’t- this tabletop velvet jewelry organizer is so cute.

Losing pairs of sunglasses is so easy. This is a great way to not only keep track of them all but also have them easily accessible to pick and coordinate with your outfit!

Roll ’em up and keep them all in one place!

This little hook will save you so much space when finding a place for all of your hats. And if you’re not a hat person, this hook can double as a bag holder or a coat hanger. No need to get your drilling tools out, they’re adhesive!

A little more space to organize accessories such as belts and scarves.

Other little additions that will make your space feel luxe…

A nice little touch to shine light on your favorite pieces.

We all have that chair or corner we toss things in and ‘deal with later.’ This chic basket is a cute way to reduce the clutter. Think- the jeans you wore today but will wear tomorrow, a jacket you’ve been getting a lot of wear out of, or the pjs you quickly changed out of this morning. Obviously, don’t mix it up with your dirty laundry.

If it fits in your closet, great, and if not, keep it right outside. This little ottoman doesn’t take up much space and gives extra storage. Or you can use it to stand on to reach hard-to-reach places and sit on it to put on your shoes.

This little steamer can easily be kept away in your closet to have on hand whenever you need it! No need to pull out the ironing board.

DampRid captures moisture to protect your clothes while also giving off a nice scent- you can choose which you like!

This product protects against moths leaving holes in your clothing.

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