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Lipstick on the Rim: Psychic and Medium Laura Lynne Jackson Teaches Us How to Follow the Signs, Connect with the Other Side, Be Specific with Our Intentions, and More


What an episode this was to record (from New York!) and what an episode it will be for you to tune into! Laura Lynne Jackson is an enigma. She’s a teacher, a speaker, and psychic, and a medium. You might be thinking: a psychic and medium, okay prove it. For those skeptics out there, we challenge you to take a listen with an open heart and mind. In fact, Laura claims you don’t even really need her to do so—we all have these abilities within us and there are ways to rewire our brain-waves to further tap into this way of seeing the world. Above all, she considers herself a healer, being someone who has provided this unbelievable service for all these years. If you’ve been wanting to connect with a passed loved one, seek guidance, learn to follow the signs, or just want a fascinating listen, this is for you.

[Laura] On Being a Believer vs. A Skeptic

“You never need to go to a psychic medium to connect with your loved ones on the other side, to get guidance from your team of light. Loved ones on the other side, pets included, guide us. I believe my role and any messages I bring through is just a doorway for larger conversations you’ll have with your loved ones on the other side, because I’ll leave but they they still want to try to communicate with you. They don’t have voice boxes to say your name, arms to hug you, or fingers to dial a phone but they find ways to talk to us, to guide us, to show us they’re here, loving us and supporting us. Once you open your mind and heart to that language and to understanding it, magical things transpire. If I didn’t have all the abilities and wasn’t so open to them, I would definitely raise an eyebrow and have my doubts. So many of us are stuck in this physical world where it’s like if you can’t see it and touch it, then it’s not real. I think it’s wonderful to be a skeptic. I think a lot of people who call themselves skeptics are actually closed-minded believers. Being an open-minded questioner is the best way to go through life. That’s called being a critical thinker. You have a question, you don’t have an answer, you explore it, and you’re open to seeing what happens. Most importantly though, be open.”

[Laura] On Psychics vs Mediums

“Being psychic means you’re reading energy. Every single person has an aura around them, it usually extends about 3-4 feet or so. Scientists acknowledge it’s real but they call it a ‘biofield.’ Call it what you want, we all have it. Psychics read peoples’ energy fields. In that energy field is all sorts of information: your past, present, and future, people who you’re connected to here or those who have crossed. I see aura in colors, which is a language to me. I understand a lot about their purpose and their mission here in life. I never shut that off, I’m always reading psychically. It’s not draining to me. I actually love it because it lets me understand people around me more. Mediumship is different because it means that I’m connecting with the consciousness of somebody who is no longer in a physical body. That consciousness is still very much alive and alert, so it’s me kind of shifting my energy to connect and communicate. I do have to say, I keep that door of mediumship shut closed like a bank vault for a couple reasons. It’s exhausting when I read mediumistically, and I can even become physically ill if I’m not careful. Another reason is because you don’t know where someone is in their grief journey, and it is very disrespectful for me to peek on the other side. I have ethics in my work. I keep that door shut and trust that whoever is supposed to be brought in to me will find me in divine timing.”

Laura’s Must-Haves:

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