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Lipstick on the Rim: The 24+ Products Molly and Emese are Coveting for Fall and Beyond – the Perfect Foolproof Smoky Eyeshadow, the Most Hydrating Lip Mask, the One Product Everyone Needs in Their Kit, and More


We love doing these round-ups and talking product. It’s kind of our thing. Since we’re well into October (if you can believe it) we wanted to highlight a few things specific to our fall routines. Think: a little extra hydration, extending that tan as long as possible, warm eyeshadow hues, the re-introduction of retinol, and so much more. Some of these we discovered mid-to-late summer, others have been tried-and-true that we’re bringing back into the fold as the temperatures drop. If you’re anything like this, always looking out for the next best thing, this episode is for you.

[Molly] On Her Fall Must-Haves

“One of Gucci Westman’s newest products is the Westman Atelier Eye Love You Eye Pencil. I love black and I love brown. Brown is good for daytime, black is better for night. In the summer, I try to stay away from eyeliner but it’s nice in the fall just to have a little bit of drama, a little bit of smudge, a little bit of pop. It’s velvety soft and has organic jojoba oil and shea butter. You can smudge it or you can glide it. It’s easy and it’s chic. I really suggest getting both black and brown. I love a good eye.

The Solo Shadow Cream-to-Powder Soft Matte Eyeshadow in cool taupe is new from Merit. I always love a bronzy eye, and this cool taupe is a perfect shade to warm up for fall. It comes in eight shades, but this taupe is so good. You can go all over the eye or you can just go into the crease and it kind of makes your eye pop. This is great for women who don’t really love eyeshadow. It doesn’t crease, it doesn’t get dry, I’m obsessed. It’s buildable and you can wear it all day and through the night.”

Molly’s Picks:



[Emese] On Her Fall Must-Haves

“I’ve really been focusing a lot on skin and part of that is because for the first time in a really long time, I’ve been seeing a facialist regularly. I think that has made me take better care of my skin as a whole. I’m obsessed with my Your Favorite Ex Exfoliating Pads by YSE Beauty. These pads are magic, no matter what skin type you have. I beg Molly to make travel sizes of these. I cannot live without them. Typically when you use a pad to exfoliate, they’re small, rinky-dink things that you have to go through like four of, and they don’t even wipe your face properly. The size of these Ex-Pads are the real deal. They have an innovative little pocket you can stick your hand in.  It really has brightened my skin, evened my skin tone, and it is absolutely my must-have product. I use it every day. When I’m really lazy, I use it to wash my face with even though I know you’re not supposed to that. It’s worth every penny and I will never ever ever use anything else.

After I exfoliate, this Biologique Collagen Serum is what I go for. My bottle is down to its’ last drops. This is an age defying formula. It acts on the four main types of collagen to redensify the skin. There’s a unique combination of ingredients that promote the production of collagen and improve the appearance of the dermal-epidermal junction. I feel like that bounce in my skin is back. This is the mother of all collagens.”

Emese’s Picks:

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