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Lipstick on the Rim: Jessica Seinfeld On Problem-Solving in the Kitchen, How to be Vegan at Times (with Delicious Recipes), Stocking a Pantry, Family Dinners, Her New and Easy Skincare Routine, and More


Jessica Seinfeld has a really simple mission. She just wants to help you. Growing up with a mother who loved to cook, she was an early adopter of the home-cooked meal among her peers. When she had a picky eater for a child, she was put to the test to find clever ways to ensure proper nutrition was met. She never set out to write a cookbook, but now, years later, she has five (all of which are New York Times Best Sellers). Her latest, “Vegan, At Times,” is for those who are vegan-curious but not looking for the extreme commitment. With moderation at the center of everything she does, we were so excited to sit down with her and learn about her approach to eating healthy foods that taste just as amazing. We talk vegan-ism, the importance of family dinners, taking care of yourself (she’s a devoted water drinker!) and so much more.

[Jessica] On How She Was Introduced to Cooking

“I learned how to cook when I was extremely young. I grew up with a mom who worked late and would need help getting dinner on the table, so I would have dinner three quarters of the way done for her when she got home. She would stick post-it notes all over the kitchen with timing tips and cooking instructions to guide me through the process. When I got older and started college, I did not want to spend money on going out to eat, so I would cook for myself and my friends. My roommates did not know how to cook, so they loved me for this. As I got older, I kept realizing how lucky it was that I learned how to cook at a young age. After my friends and I graduated college, I noticed that people would put their careers before learning how to cook for themselves. Personally, I thought that spending money on lunch at work everyday was way too expensive, and I felt more efficient bringing my own lunch to the office. Once I got married, had kids, and had a family to feed, I realized that cooking is one of the most essential life skills to have.”

[Jessica] On The Story Behind Her Cookbooks 

“My first ever cookbook is called “Deceptively Delicious“, and it is packed with mouthwatering recipes that incorporate healthy foods like pureed vegetables into meals that my family already knew and loved. Adding great ingredients to staple recipes is so simple and makes them more nutrient dense. My kids can’t even tell the difference. They’re still eating the foods they love, but in a more balanced form. My next book, “Double Delicious“, included more kid-friendly meals packed with unseen veggies. After my first two books, some of my friends wanted simpler recipes, so I decided to make a book for people who are terrified of the kitchen. I called this the “Can’t Cook Book” which included 100 straightforward recipes with different ways to make people less intimidated of cooking. I wanted my readers to realize that they can cook and that they can prepare a meal for their family. My next cookbook, “Food Swings“, was about eating in moderation by offering simple and satisfying recipes that are both enjoyable to eat and good for you. My latest cookbook is called “Vegan, At Times“. We should all try new things, but it’s important that we are not strict and hard on ourselves. I like to incorporate small and incremental changes into my lifestyle. This book includes meals that we have all enjoyed before, but in vegan form.”

[Jessica] On Why The Kitchen is The Heart of Every Home

“It was so important to me that my family would eat dinner at the kitchen table together every week night. My kids knew that they were expected to be home by dinner since this was our designated family time. The kitchen brings families together and it is such a nourishing place. When I’m in the middle of preparing dinner and hear my kids getting hungry and impatient, I’ll put a plate of raw vegetables with their favorite dipping sauces on the kitchen table. They’ll sit down, eat their veggies, and we would talk about their days as I finished preparing our meal. These times with my family in the kitchen were so special to me.”

Jessica’s Beauty Must-Haves:

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