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Lipstick on The Rim: Want to Know My Skincare Secrets? Are You Ready to Glow? YSE Beauty is Here (the WHOLE Story, a Look Into the Products, the Name, and So Much More)


What does it mean to be “wise?” Having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgement (most of the time). The idea of being wise, getting wiser, and sharing said wisdom was the very impetus for YSE Beauty, Molly’s dream skincare brand that launches today. After 2.5+ years in the making, we’re so excited to bring you an edited line of products that look good, feel good, and wear good. YSE Beauty (pronounced “wise”) is precisely a marriage of science-backed clinical’s with the beauty and ease of luxury. Today, we sit down with Molly’s partners Charlene Valledor and Dustin Cash of SOS Beauty to get into everything about the brand (and we mean everything) from the inception to the cocktail of formulations to the name. We couldn’t be prouder to birth YSE Beauty into the world and we think you are absolutely going to be obsessed. Just remember… it ALL starts with your skin.

[Molly] On How YSE Beauty Was Born 

“It’s called YSE, spelled Y-S-E. YSE Beauty. We know that life looks different at 49 than at 22, and YSE Beauty is here to share all that we’ve picked up along the way and the products that will leave you wiser. My mom was very good at empowering me, and that is what I want to do. Ultimately you don’t want to miss those moments in your life, men and women want to look and feel good, but they want to know how. One of the wisest things I have been told along the way is to take care of myself, live life, make those moments, and lean in, and that’s what the YSE woman is all about. I believe taking care of yourself makes you feel better about yourself. I had noticed a white space in the market, most all skincare products were either really strong and ugly or beautiful but not efficacious. I wanted to make something cleaner and beautiful that works. That’s how this brand came alive.”

[Molly] On The YSE System 

“Our first product is The Problem Solver. It’s a targeted treatment formulated with hardworking ingredients to brighten and even skin tone. It has tranexamic acid, pomegranate seed oil, niacinamide, and licorice root, which all improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Our Morning Cocktail is our Vitamin C serum. It contains three stabilized Vitamin C forms that brighten, fades hyperpigmentation, and boost collagen to firm up the skin. The next product is one of my favorites; it’s called Your Favorite Ex. They are gentle exfoliating pads that bring smooth, bright skin to the surface while adding moisture. These pads don’t smell, can be used seven days a week, and brighten your skin. Next, we have our retinol, Last Call. We like our serums strong, and this cocktail has a powerhouse of ingredients, including omega fatty acids and retinol, to help stimulate collagen, calm inflammation, and repair UV damage while you sleep. Next, we’ve got the Xtremely Rich Moisturizer – a hydrating moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling dewy and fresh. It contains ceramides, squalane, microalgae, hyaluronic acid, and licorice root, and it’s a dream. It breaks on your skin and feels plumpy. Last but not least, we have our cleanser. It’s called Take It Off, and it’s an oil-to-gel cleanser. It leaves your skin hydrated while removing makeup and impurities without stripping your skin. We have amazing clinicals, and after four weeks, 90% agreed their skin was brighter, 84% saw improvement in their overall look, and even skin tone and 81% saw a reduction in dark spots and skin texture.”

[Charlene Valledor] On The Formulas That Make YSE 

“The beautiful thing about YSE is that we are not trying to replace all the products we know already work. We know that there’s a time and place for a hydroquinone, and we know there’s a time and place for a laser, and Molly is not trying to replace any of those things. We’re trying to find a solution that people can use in the meantime because your first go-to should not be hydroquinone. That should be the thing that you use if nothing else works. We focused on The Problem Solver because the thing that was working for Molly was hydroquinone, but we wanted to find an alternative solution. We decided not to replace the mechanism but instead attack the issue differently so that this product would not cause irritation. Whether your hyperpigmentation or unevenness is coming from whatever the factor may be, you would benefit from using a product like the Problem Solver because it’s attacking the issue with multiple tools. This is the product you should use if you have an area to which you need to pay more attention. This system is all about creating cocktails so you’re not just addressing the problem one way. Each product is a combination of so many ingredients that are effective in different ways. When we talk about efficacy, it’s not about the percentage of an ingredient; it’s about so many other things that go into the product.”

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