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Lipstick on the Rim: Meet Your 2023 Wellness Trend Report – Well + Good’s Abbey Stone Unearths the Latest, Greatest, and Most Groundbreaking Innovations for This Year and Beyond 


Anyone else feel like there are too many trends constantly circulating that it’s almost impossible to keep up? There’s truly nothing more we love than a focused and streamlined edit. No less, a forward-thinking trend report. Just give us the information we need and nothing more. As a second installment, we tapped Well + Good’s VP of Content, Abbey Stone, to share the biggest wellness trends on the horizon for this year and beyond. Beauty biotech? We get into it. Mobility training? That too. From beauty to fitness to food and a bit of self-care, this is a fact-packed episode touching on all our favorite categories. If you thought you were someone who was ahead of the curve, take a listen, and think again. 


[Abbey] On Beauty Trends

 “Starting with biotechnology, what we’re seeing is in a lab they’re able to mimic natural ingredients. As people are moving towards natural beauty, it’s starting to take a real toll on the environment. 

Hair loss is a huge problem for people and wasn’t something being spoken about previously. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Most brands are focused on scalp health and addressing the root cause. 

The rise of psychodermatology: when it comes to skincare problems, it’s a cycle. Stress causes inflammation in the body, spikes cortisol and cause skin issues. Research also shows that having skin issues can make you stressed so it gets worse. The other factor at play, the physical symptoms of having skin issues might make it difficult to sleep, so a lack of sleep can have an impact on your skin and stress levels.”

[Abbey] On Fitness Trends 

“Everyone is aware that during the pandemic, gyms and boutique studios were one of the first places to close. People are wanting to go back to in-person workout classes, largely where there is equipment or an instructor involved that’s hard to replicate at home like pilates, strength-training and boot-camp classes.

Mobility training is a huge one—you can think of it as the fourth pillar of fitness. It’s about the range of motion within your joints. It’s a really functional form of movement. It helps with longevity and sustainability of fitness.

Recleisure—hiking and skiing apparel that’s functional and that you can wear as you go about your lives.”

[Abbey] On Food Trends

“There is a whole new class of supplements we’re seeing that are made from whole ingredients and foods and they look like little truffles. They’re these little snackable bites and you can take them in place of swallowing a pill or taking a gummy. Whole ingredients are more bioavailable than what’s found in a pill.

You might have noticed that the ‘90s seem to be back and we’re seeing that with food trends as well. A lot of the snacks millennials loved eating like fun cereals, boxed macaroni and cheese, instant ramen, they’re now getting these makeovers with more helpful ingredients and often are completely plant-based so you can enjoy that nostalgic comfort food feeling but feel better about what you’re eating.

Tinned fish is something that people have long enjoyed in Europe. In the U.S. you think of tuna. We’re bringing some of that fun, playful sophistication into the states and why we’re seeing it happen now is because in the pandemic people really liked cooking with pantry staples which gave it the perfect opportunity for brands to develop new products in the tinned fish space.”

Abbey’s Beauty Must-Haves:

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