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Lipstick on the Rim: Molly and Emese 2.0 – New Year, Same Us (Just a Little Bit Better)


Just like the old adage goes, “new year, new us.” The only problem is, who can actually stick to that promise? A new you in the new year is a tall ask. Actually, unrealistic, if not completely unnecessary. Sure, we could all use some self-improvement, but hey, isn’t life meant to be a work in progress? Who do we think we are trying to re-invent ourselves year after year? Madonna? So, let’s back up for a moment. We have a new proposal for you: “new year, same us (just a little bit better).” Isn’t that what we’re all striving for anyway? This episode is just us, taking you into the new year with a fresh start and a bright outlook. Nothing drastic, just a few, small, attainable steps forward. Oh, and by the way, thanks for being on this ride with us. We can’t wait to include you in all that 2023 brings.

Molly’s “Resolutions”

Be More Proactive

“You have to put things in action if you want to make them happen and they don’t happen over night. Take ownership in your life and be your own advocate.”


“Taking the time to get mentally strong because if you’re mentally strong you’ll be ready for any situation you find yourself in. Don’t wait for something bad to happen before you get yourself there. Take moments, set boundaries. I went back to therapy last year and it’s the time I can ask ridiculous questions and be whatever it is that I need to be. Give yourself permission, even if it’s 5-minutes a day, it’s worth it.”


“Take time to self-check-in and learn to adjust constantly. Consistency is key. Check yourself, check others, check your relationship. ‘Checking in” are your two words for 2023. Start your morning off with how you feel and what you’re going to do. Speak up (I’m going to do more of this) and know yourself.”

Emese’s “Resolutions”

Be Present

“I tend to worry about tomorrow and next week and next month and a lot of us are guilty of that. Instead of worrying about tomorrow, I want to remember what’s happening right this second. The flip side of that is sometimes I find my phone is always with me and I need to do a better job of being around my children without my phone, otherwise, I think that habit could bite me in the ass one day.”

Continuing My Health Journey

“I’ve really stated to take care of my health. Learning how I’ve aged and how my metabolism has shifted, knowing the things I need to do to take better care of my body: what to eat, what not to eat. I’ve really overhauled some habits in my life and I want to continue to feel like the healthiest, best version of myself when I turn 45 this summer.”

Letting Go

“I’m working on letting go of always wanting to control and do everything and feeling like I need to do everything because I like to control it.”


Molly and Emese’s New Year’s Must-Haves:

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