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Lipstick on the Rim: A Look Inside the Hottest, Most Sought-After Wellness Retreat, The Ranch, with Co-Founders Sue and Alex Glasscock, and How to Implement a Lasting Reset 


The Ranch. You’ve likely heard those two words used together before. But for those who haven’t yet delved into the week-long wellness retreat, there’s certainly a mystique around what The Ranch is, how it works, and who you’ll meet there. And, yes, you might just be hiking next to Michelle Obama and not know it. With roots in Malibu, married couple and co-founders, Sue and Alex Glasscock have created a unique experience, full stop. If you ask any of their guests about it (half of which return time and again) they’ll say the experience is unparalleled. The differentiating factor? The Ranch is a “no-options, results-oriented” program. I.e. if you just show up and do as you are told, the rest will fall in place. Since we don’t all have access to The Ranch Malibu (now expanded to Italy and soon the Hudson Valley), we picked Sue and Alex’s brains on how to adapt their perfected reset mentality and methods to replicate in the confines of our own homes. We recommend you take a deep breath and give this episode a listen on your next walk in the great outdoors. 


[Sue and Alex] On Creating The Ranch

Sue: “My background is in design and gardening and interiors. My entire life I’ve loved nature and exercise, sports, and always, even as a younger person, I was really interested in nutrition. The Ranch came later in our journey. I had a moment at university where I was not healthy and experienced how good it really felt to be healthy and how bad it felt to not be healthy.”

Alex: “We had a lot of ideas about how we wanted to live our lives through our adulthood. Sue is great in design, we had experience in construction and creating beautiful infrastructure and we knew we could create a beautiful campus. We also deeply care about our guest experience, whether it’s friends coming to our home or getting together with family, creating an environment that made people feel really comfortable and could let their guard down and be fun. We truly believe that creating a place where people can come and reset and have a transformative experience with a very nurturing positive staff was something we felt really good about doing for the rest of our lives.”

[Sue and Alex] On How To Reset

Sue: “At home, unless you’re going to take the week off, you can very easily break down what we do at The Ranch and if you don’t have a mountain you just go to a park, the streets, a sidewalk. You can still do it. Stretching, you can go online for classes or go to a local class. To sleep better, get rid of your devices at least an hour before bed and dim the lights in your home at night.”

Alex: “As far as tips and balancing, if someone wants to have a meeting, we’ll have a walking meeting or a hiking meeting. When we’re interviewing, we’ll meet in nature. And for that time you’re hiking in nature, leave your phone at home.”

Sue and Alex’s Must-Haves:

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