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Lipstick on the Rim: The One That Didn’t Get Away – Fashion’s Fairy Godmother, Gab Waller on Her Secret to VIP Access


Have you ever been eyeing, say, a handbag, maybe a shoe, or even a piece that went down the runway several years ago? We know the feeling all too well. But what’s worse is when said desired item is (pause for dramatic effect) sold out. Those two heartbreaking words are a fashion girl’s worst nightmare. Enter Gab Waller—the personal shopper whose product sourcing business has taken the world by storm. With a level of access unlike anyone else, this Australian native, who’s recently re-located to Los Angeles, has a celebrity roster that spans wide—thanks to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for putting her on the map. So, if, you, like us, have been thinking about the one that got away, add Gab Waller to your speed dial and you’ll never regret not buying something again.

[Gab] On How She Got Discovered By Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

“I did a lot of research before I launched the business to figure out who my target market was in Australia. The whole business to this date has been word-of-mouth. Word quickly spread and I was in business for six months before the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley story. Rosie had posted on her Instagram that she was looking for a particular Celine coat. At that time, I knew that a boutique in Denmark had the coat but knew there was no way I could get ahold of Rosie. Two weeks later, a mutual friend DM’d me and she said Rosie was still looking for the coat asking if I could help. It happened really quick. The biggest thing was Rosie reposting it and mentioning myself and tagging me. That was a game changer for everything.”

[Gab] On the Secret to VIP Access

“I definitely gauge a lot of interest by our requests. If I receive five or more requests I know it’s the one to jump on. Our business is twofold. 50% of it is those high-demand pieces and the other 50% are pieces that are sentimental to someone. It’s so varied. But for the hot hot pieces I really gauge it by the requests I receive. It goes to show influencers are still pivotal to our business. If a particular influencer is wearing it, that kind of sparks interest. Same with celebrity style. Hailey Bieber is a huge one. ”

[Gab] On What’s Trending

“Chanel is the most requested brand and 100% the dad-sandal is the most requested piece of all time. They’re still continuing to bring out new colors and styles. Followed very closely by their loafer—the CC quilted. The Saint Laurent sparkle boots blew up and I wasn’t expecting them to. That took me by surprise because it’s a higher-priced piece. Prada is popping off for us. The raffia totes from a couple of seasons ago are still being requested. If they can hold their longevity that long, it’s certainly a piece to invest in.

If we’re talking for fall, I would say neutrals but slightly darker tones—deep reds, greens, beautiful browns. I always say it’s best to be buying your boots in the warmer weather because by the time we’re further into the season, they’ll be sold out.”

Gab’s Beauty Must-Haves

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