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Lipstick on the Rim: Molly & Emese’s Ultimate Beauty, Fashion, & Kids Back to School Guide… For the Moms


Let’s face it, back to school prep can never start too early. All you moms out there know exactly what we’re talking about. In a very special solo episode, Molly and Emese guide us through how they’re expertly getting ready for the school year ahead. We’re talking everything from 5-minute makeup at a stop light to the boots worth the investment (hey, we deserve a little something too!). If you thought you had playdates and sleepovers in the bag, Emese shares a 2.0 version you might just be into. Cue the color-coded calendars, all the organic snacks that will appease your little ones, and don’t forget those name stamps or you’ll definitely be spending the better half of the fall in the lost-and-found. Buckle up for a fabulous semester because summer is officially over.

[Molly & Emese] On Back to School Beauty


“My trick is the 5-minute makeup in the car—I can do a full face. Mascara at a stop light, anyone? I suggest you practice on a non-busy street. I’ve also recently tried a new hair mask (I love Virtue’s), but Gisou makes a honey-infused one. It’s ‘mommy-multi-masking’ at its finest. I slap a mask on in the morning, then I twist my hair in a bun and jump in the car. You’re basically at the spa while driving.”


“I’m not the mom who goes to drop-off without anything on my face but I also don’t do full make-up either. September is where my tan is still alive and kicking but I’m trying to maintain the glow and bronze.”

[Molly & Emese] On Back to School Fashion


“Fall fashion is a little different here in LA than it is on the East Coast. We love chocolate browns and monochromatic neutrals. We’re going a little more plum this year, we love black, navy and grey. I think there are two types of moms: the ‘I-got-dressed-mom’ and ‘the-workout-clothes-mom.’ I fall into the ‘I-got-dressed-mom’ camp which mainly consists of printed tops with jeans. I’m also stocking up on a few new investment pieces this season.”


“I live in stripes, I think I have 27 different stripe sweaters. When I lived in the city I would get dressed up and then when I moved to the ‘burbs I found that I have to wear workout clothes in the morning when I drop my kids off at school because it’s the only way I’ll workout. If I get dressed for the day I don’t want to change back into workout clothes. But I make it look chic. Fall for me on the East Coast is really the time to wear dresses with sneakers or boots. If you can throw a big sweater or cardigan over your dress you’re kind of done.”

[Molly & Emese] On Back to School for the Kids


“All my kids are obsessed with backpacks. My number one thing is Mabels Labels. My kids lose their shirts and I go into the school and Mabels Labels saves me every time. Don’t think it’s coming back without a label. It’s also really good to make your kids write thank you notes to your teachers—we love our teachers. I wish I could say I’m all organic with snacks but I’m not. Lastly, everyone should ‘home edit’ in August and September. Any type of storage to keep you organized. Put everything in bins and label it.”


“I have a hack with water bottles. I order the Yetti water bottles with their names on it. I go to J. Crew for everything now for my girls. I am a believer in taking care of yourself—I can tell when Maeve (my oldest daughter) feels good. I’m not the person who lets my kids pick out mis-matched outfits. I think you have to direct kids a little, it just shouldn’t be a complete free-for-all.”

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