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Lipstick On The Rim: Bargain Shopping Secrets & Beauty Favorites With Michelle Collins


Comedian and host, Michelle Collins has us in tears this week as we discuss Real Housewives, spray tans & our most epic beauty fails. Michelle and Molly rekindle their relationship that began on The View, while we all spill the bargain shopping secrets you need to look expensive on a budget. Michelle walks us through her ride or die beauty products & gives us a crash course on what our emojis really mean. Tune in for multiple laugh out loud moments and a few rounds of f**k, marry, kill. 

[Michelle & Emese] On Outlet Malls

Michelle: “I feel like Woodbury and have is on have really gone downhill. I don't want to get into it too deep, because again, I’ve just found that there are websites online, like kind of Italy, where you can get Gucci and Valentino and all of these. Products for much less. It’s called glam mood. And of course, UK’s, I’m sure you’re familiar with YOOX“.

Emese: “I’m going to give a good home tip though, for those of us on the east coast. R H Paramus restoration hardware Paramus. I went in there recently and was told that because of COVID a lot of furniture stuff was ordered like delays were, there were so many delays that because of that people were canceling their orders. After they had ordered them. And so stuff was being shipped straight into the Paramus. One is such a large outlet space that you weren’t getting damaged goods. You were getting stuff that was brand new, but people were refusing delivery because of timing. So there was so much good sh*t there.”

Michelle: “For you guys in California. The Restoration Hardware in Ontario mills. The fact that I know this, I have a literal disease. no, I’m telling you when I was unemployed in LA, which was 98% of the time that I lived there, I would go to. Ontario. obviously, Cabazon KAMRA Rio and it had the Barneys had some moments sucks now, awful. South Coast Plaza, Nordstrom rack though is no joke. and then the block it orange. used to also have a. With the Neiman’s there. One time I got into a fight on Black Friday, I got a hotel room there, so I could wake up early and go there for black Friday True story.”

[Michelle, Molly & Emese] On Home Goods Vs World Market

Molly mentions how they all share a love for Home Goods. Michelle: “I don’t know why people go to Bed Bath. I see people like fools collecting those coupons, like idiots. HomeGoods has everything 10 times with half the price.” Emese: “I discovered World Market recently because I needed to get two chairs for my deck and they knocked off these beautiful chairs and I went in there and it is a delight.” Michelle goes on to say, “I’m not a huge World Market fan. For me, I don’t mind like one pillow. I have a very Anthropology kind of a house, like very colorful and whatever the stuff there is a little bit too…Don’t be mad. I don’t want to fight.”

[Michelle] On Real Housewives

“My favorite city is Potomac. Controversial but, these women have it all, they’re gorgeous, they’re wealthy, they’re all very smart. Very funny, Great fighting. They bring it every season. There’s literally not one season where I’m not satisfied. New York, I would say comes in second, but New York is hit or miss. Sometimes those women are not bringing it. Beverly Hills, I think has taken a bit of a slump. I think next season, it’s going to be better.

[Michelle] Beauty Tips

“I love to use Kerastase dry shampoo. It’s the best dry shampoo. For blush, I love Bella Donna. They have a blush that is a quadrant and it just, this is all, it is a little contour and it goes on so dewy. For my eyebrows, I love Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.

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