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Lipstick on the Rim: Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Plastic Surgery Match – Cue the A-List Beauty Broker, Melinda Farina


Finding the right plastic surgeon is important. So important, in fact, it just might be worth hiring a consultant to ensure you don’t end up with a botched job. Melinda Farina, A.K.A. the “beauty broker” has consulted over 35,000 men and women on who they should go to for whatever it is they want done. With a passion for aesthetic surgery, Melinda’s claim to fame isn’t only that she knows all the best doctors at every price point across the country—she understands the emotional and psychological component when working with patients to find the right match. With a less is more ideology, more often than not, she’ll even convince her patients that they don’t need surgery at all. She’s really that honest. From transformative breast lifts to why “non-invasive equals non-effective,” add Melinda to your little black book ASAP because as she reminds us, plastic surgery is a lifetime decision.

[Melinda] On Being the Plastic Surgery Matchmaker

“When I was in dental school, I discovered I had a passion for aesthetic surgery and for consulting—talking to and helping people. When you’re a consultant there is a psychological aspect to it. I started my consultancy at age 21 while getting my masters degree. I realized there was so much bad surgery out there. I set up the consultancy because I really wanted to help doctors set up their practices and it ended up going the other way where I started finding people, good surgeons. I would go into ORs and watch plastic surgeries and have a list of 100 questions. It organically turned into becoming an expert in plastic surgery. We now work with thousands of surgeons across the world in every country and it’s turned into something really magnificent.”

[Melinda] On Finding the Best Doctors

“For plastic surgery, we try to give you the features that are right for you or we try to pair you with a surgeon who is right for your case specifications. Everyone has unique features and genetics and a certain lifestyle that they practice. You come in, we do a consultation, we speak for about an hour and we talk about your wishlist. What’s happened over time? We take a look at the photos. We look at your 15-year-old self. We look at five year increments and how your face has changed overtime and how and why it’s changed. What non-invasive procedures have you been doing up until this point?”

[Melinda] On Procedures

“You never want to address volume first without addressing gravity and laxity. The one thing that’s the most over-corrected in the industry is the volume. We see everyone going in for filler. People are distorting the aesthetic of the face. The biggest complaint we get from our clients is that they just don’t look like themselves. Then when you look at their history, there’s usually filler, which can last up to 15 years. After this pandemic, people are ex-planting, taking out their implants, going much much smaller with their breasts, really streamlining their bodies, the booty’s are getting smaller too. People want to do more liposculpture since so many of us gained weight during the pandemic.”

[Melinda] On Non-Surgical Practices

“Diet and exercise, good sleep, lifestyle is everything. There are people who come to me who just want to skip that part and go right to plastic surgery. I truly believe in a healthy lifestyle first and foremost. Stay away from the fillers—they’re not great for you. Stay away from threads—creating scar tissue in the face isn’t a wonderful thing. Stay far away from the ultheraphies too like high frequency ultra sounds.”

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