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Lipstick on the Rim: The 411 On Lymphatic Drainage With Courtney Yeager From The Tox


Maybe you’ve heard about lymphatic drainage but not sure what it is or does? Today we have the queen of the lymphatic system, Courtney Yeager, joining us to give the ultimate lesson in lymphatic health. Courtney is the founder of The Tox—a company with a unique blend of bodywork that works directly with your lymphatic and digestive systems to detoxify the body and mind. She shares the significant health benefits of draining the lymph, how your lymphatic system is a massive part of your immune system, and how lymphatic drainage can help your body reach its highest potential. Courtney shares how she has made it her mission to bring lymphatic health awareness to the masses and dishes on major at-home tips to detoxify your body.

[Courtney] On Discovering Lymphatic Drainage

“A few years into my business life, I was over worked, had bad digestion, always bloating, traveling a ton. I have always been into health, wellness, and fitness but had no idea what lymphatic drainage was. I started doing research and discovered how popular it is in Europe and other countries that are always one step ahead of us. Once I started trying it, I was amazed by the results I was getting.”

[Courtney] On Starting The Tox

“I started doing a ton of at-home lymphatic treatments and really stimulating my lymphatic system. The business woman in me realized this could be something huge since so few people knew what it was. It was so understudied and not readily available. I then opened The Tox in LA which was our first location and I knew within the first month of opening and seeing the results our clients were getting that it was my duty to bring this to everyone.”



[Courtney] On the Importance of Lymphatic Massages

“Our lymphatic system doesn’t have an internal pump. It carries waste to our lymph notes. Unlike our bloodstream, there isn’t a pump to move those fluids through and move those toxins out. It’s really important to stimulate our lymphatic system and move the waste out so it can be disposed. It removes toxins from our body and excess water retention. If you’re fighting off a sickness it helps with that too. It’s great for boosting your immune system. There are so many health benefits that go along with it.”

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