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Lipstick On The Rim: The 411 On Facial Optimization, Microneedling Botox, & The Most Asked For Treatments With Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lara Devgan


Episode #33 Want to learn how to enhance your facial features but still stay true to your unique facial structure? Meet facial optimization expert, Dr. Lara Devgan. Dr. Devgan is one of the most highly regarded, board-certified plastic surgeons in New York City and the founder and CEO of the luxury medical-grade skincare line, Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty. Today she’s sharing her facial optimization philosophy, the most asked for plastic surgery treatments, and why you can’t put a price tag on confidence. We bond over her top-selling eye cream (that beat out all-time cult-favorites, we might add) while she spills on the 2 things she wished every patient knew.

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[Dr. Devgan] On Who is Dr. Lara Devgan?

“I split my time between surgical and non-surgical routines,” explains Devgan. “I’ve become kind of famous in my world for the phrase ‘facial optimization’ – the unique combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures that together make you the best version of yourself.” Devgan describes this philosophy as, “the harmonization of someone’s unique facial features to improve the balance and proportion and harmony.” And the key to achieving this is by, “leaning into the individuality and the uniqueness of each person – face, body, and breasts.”

[Dr. Devgan] On Plastic Surgery

“The last thing I would want to do is try to promote plastic surgery. What I do is not for everybody. But for so long we have dichotomized human beings, especially women. We have given the message that you’re either born beautiful, or you’re condemned to be someone who is less than, and you shouldn’t care what you look like. What’s wrong with wanting to feel good about yourself?”

“There’s no price tag you can put on confidence.”

[Dr. Devgan] On Plastic Surgery Trends

“Most of what I do are facelifts, breast augmentations, and eyelid surgeries,” Devgan explains. She describes how clients are coming to see her at younger ages, and this has proven to be more effective than getting that same procedure when you’re older. Some trends she has been seeing are, “tiny fashion breasts and eyelid surgery. This is where patients are wanting to be a little bit brighter and a little less hooded.”

[Dr. Devgan] On The Glass Skin/Botox Facial

Emese asks Dr. Devagn to tell her everything about her micro-needling botox treatment. Lara explains, “it is a cocktail of Botox, Hyaluronic Acid, & Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. We start by drawing your blood, spinning it, and then separating the PRP. We then combine the PRP with botox and Hyaluronic Acid and put it in a sterile single-use device with gold spring-loaded needles. This cocktail can be used all over the surface of the skin. It truly makes you look poreless and like you are airbrushed in real life. It can last up to 3 months and it is recommended to do it 4 times a year.”

[Dr. Devgan] On Treatments She Loves

“If a treatment is not something I would do on myself or a close family member or friend, then it is not something I will do for my patients.”

“I do all the things, and I really practice what I preach.”

She explains how she does injectables around 4 times a year. Se loves botox and the erbium resurfacing laser. She also mentions and emphasizes the importance of a great skincare routine, and how she is obsessive about her personal skincare routine.

[Dr. Devgan] 2 Tips You Wish Every Patient Knew

“Make sure you feel whole and rationale before you come and see me,” Devgan explains. “You need to do the work emotionally and mentally, and then when you’re feeling back to normal, then come back to me. When you’re feeling emotional it can be very tricky when thinking about changing your appearance

“Any intervention you make in plastic surgery has to come from a place of yes.”

“You need to be at both your physical and mental prime, prior to doing an intervention with a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery is medicine, not magic. Think of every intervention as a short tip to getting it above average, not perfection.”

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