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Lipstick on the Rim: Megan Roup The Sculpting Queen On How To Get & Keep Abs Postpartum


Meet Megan Roup – A former professional dancer turned sculpting fitness queen. Megan is the founder of the celebrity-loved workout program, The Sculpt Society. Megan is here with us today to share her journey into the fitness industry and the many reasons why she’s staying. She shares how she’s changing the industry, 4 steps to sculpting next-level abs, and the proper way to recover postpartum. We discuss how to stop intrusive toxic thoughts and how to make exercise fun.

Listen here for the full episode:

[Megan] On Becoming The Sculpt Queen

Molly starts the episode by asking Megan to take us on her fitness journey. “I started teaching fitness as a side hustle and never anticipated it would be anything more than that,” explains Megan. “I am a former professional dancer, and I was a dancer my entire life. Like most graduates in a big city, I was trying to survive on an artist’s salary. Fitness started as a side hustle, but I quickly fell in love with having a positive impact on my community. I really dove into the boutique fitness business. I felt like there wasn’t a class or a place where you felt really welcomed, and I wanted to take the intimidation away. Boutique fitness in New York can be really intimiidating. I wanted to emphasize feeling good.”

[Megan] On Her Fitness Method

“I really wanted to blend approachable dance cardio. I wanted to make it repetitive and pair it with full-body athletic sculpting. It’s truly a full-body workout. I launched my app right before covid, and I took my NY class and made quick workouts for people. I know how to program a kick-ass class, but I want it to be fun. Fitness classes are really intimidating, so I thought how can I make women feel seen? I wanted them to leave feeling empowered and successful.”

“Most women just want to find success in fitness. They want to find a way of moving with which they can be consistent, get results, and have fun. Most women come to me frustrated, I am there to provide support and figure out how can we make exercise a habit. Fitness is so result driven so I try to be mindful when I’m teaching. I want women to show up and feel good – and the results will come.”

“My goal is to bring joy to movement.”

[Megan] On The Key to Sculpting Muscles

“Full-body workouts for sure. You have to incorporate all muscle groups in every workout, and consistency is essential. I like to do 5-10 minute exercises that I have on my app. It’s giving women the permission to say 10 minutes is enough.”

“Lean into committing to less, to show up more.”

You don’t need an hour of cardio. You can strength train and sprinkle in dance cardio. When I made that change, I saw such a difference in my body.”

[Megan] On Nutrition

“I am an intuitive eater, I’m not into diet culture which can be hard given the industry I’m in. It’s about figuring out what works for you. I try to eat whole foods and foods that are good for my body. I read Women, Food, & God by Geneen Roth, and that really changed my perspective on eating. I try to not put emotion into food and allow myself to enjoy eating.

[Megan] On Pregnancy

“I thought I was going to love pregnancy, but it was tough. It brought up old feelings that I thought I had worked through. I had a tough time. I did get pre/postnatal certified and created a great program. I was told to be super gentle and do yoga but I couldn’t do it all the time. I created an athletic program for pre and post-pregnancy. Peeing your pants after pregnancy isn’t normal, but we have normalized that. I have pelvic floor exercises to help with that.”

[Megan] On Beauty

Molly asks Megan to share all her working out and makeup hacks. “What are your favorite products to use before and after a workout,” asks Molly. Megan shares the product below.

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