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Lipstick On The Rim: The 411 On Devin Brugman’s Low Carb Lifestyle: Everything You Need to Know Plus All Her Makeup & Skincare Tricks


This week we are taking bikini authority, Devin Brugman’s, podcast virginity. Devin is the co-founder of Monday Swimwear, a company dedicated to creating swimsuits that celebrate all different body types and let individuality shine. She walks us through her life from Maui to LA and everything you want to know about her workout routine. She’s sharing major travel hacks, how she cured her IBS & the low down on her low carb lifestyle. Get ready to take notes as we discuss her everyday skincare routine & the key to her “no makeup” makeup look.

[Devin] On Monday Swimwear

Molly asks Devin what motivated her to start Monday Swimwear. “I grew up in Hawaii and I was always in swimwear. I lived in swimwear, and after I start A Bikini A Day, I had worn thousands of suits, and nothing fit me properly or was cute. I wanted to make something comfortable, sexy, chic, and timeless,” explains Devin.

[Devin] On Best Places To Travel 

Emese asks Devin where her favorite place to travel is. “Italy is my favorite place of all time. I love that you have the beach & it that it also has a lot of culture. Amalfi & Capri are my favorites,” explains Devin. They all then bond over eating carbs in Italy and not gaining weight.

[Devin] On Travel Hacks

Devin opens up about developing, “IBS in the past few years. It comes on when I get anxious and flying makes me anxious, so when I fly, I cleanse. I eat really healthy and clean before a flight. The only part that sucks is that the best part of flying is drinking, so I try to balance every drink with extra water, and I always bring my own food on a flight, usually a salad.”

[Devin] On What She Eats in a Day

“I do what works for me, and what works for me is intermittent fasting. I wake up in the morning and I’m truly not hungry. First thing in the morning I have my espresso with iced almond milk. I eat around 1 PM and I’ll either make or order a Sweetgreen or Fresh Corn Grill. For dinner, I love salmon, veggies, or a salad.” 

[Devin] On Pilates

Devin says, in her opinion, “food controls weight, not fitness. I do pilates 4 times a week and I take my dog, Walter on a walk 1-2 times a day. I don’t like high-intensity workouts.”

[Devin] On Her 4-Step Skincare

Devin explains that she has really  “stripped back skincare routine” over the years. She found that she was using too many products and it was causing a reaction in her skin. See below for her simplified 4-step skincare routine:






Face Oil



Listen here for the full episode:

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