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Lipstick On The Rim: How Jenna Rennert Went From Vogue to Instagram It Girl


In this week’s episode of Lipstick on the Rim, Molly Sims and Emese Gormley, chat with girls girl and beauty expert, Jenna Rennert, about all things beauty and wellness. With 7 years of experience at Vogue as a beauty editor and now turned Instagram It Girl, she shares all her tips and favorite products on how to look and feel your best. Get your pens out because Jenna, Molly and Emese spill all their secrets on skincare, makeup and haircare.

Meet Jenna. Shifting from Vogue to the Instagram world

Molly: “Tell us what it was like (working at Vogue). Every girl wanted to be you. Every girl wanted to have the products you did. Was it amazing?” Jenna: “It was. I always wanted to work in fashion, and I was always obsessed with skincare and makeup. I also always wanted to work at Vogue.” Molly: “Okay set the stage. You’re beauty floor. Is it just like floor-to-ceiling products? Because you get the products well before they come to market right? Tell us everything.” Jenna: “Yeah! That was one of the best parts and one of the things that I loved about my job. I loved testing the products and I still do. I love knowing the products before anyone else.”

[Jenna] What’s one product that surprised you the most?

Jenna: “Oh! I’ve been using Clean and Clear Persa Gel, which is $5 at Walmart for my entire life. Literally, since I was 14, and it continues to work and it continues to sell out everywhere,” Jenna exclaims. Clean and Clear Persa Gel is an Acne Medication Spot Treatment with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide used to treat acne. “Everyone I know buys it and becomes instantly obsessed with it. That’s how good it is.” Molly: “We’re writing this down”.

Do you have a signature perfume scent or do you like to switch it up?

Jenna: “I like to think that my signature scent is a combination of like a million things because I always smell like 10 different things at once. I like to keep people guessing.” Molly: “I mix also! My signature scent would be Le Labo AnOther 13.” Jenna: “I do love LeLabo more than anything. I have a bunch of signature scents, like Byredo, Chanel and Dior. I am obsessed with Tobacco Vanilla by Tom Ford. It is my bread and butter. I would literally drink it at breakfast. I also love the  Le Labo Thé Noir 29 .”

[Jenna] 3 Zoom Beauty Tips


Cover Your Red Spots

“The camera picks up redness in your skin more than any other color, so covering your spots is key. Cover any redness. Cover any spots.”


Eye Drops

 “I always say they make you go from regular human to Disney Princess in 2 seconds.”


Eyelash Curler

Jenna: “An eyelash curler is my biggest beauty tip.” Emese: “Do you double curl?” Jenna: “I like triple curl. I think eyelashes are so important. I also use Grande Lash Serum every night.”

[Jenna] Favorite Concealer 

“Okay that’s hard but if I had to choose I’d go with a few options.” Shop Jenna’s choices below.

[Jenna] At Home Beauty Must-Have Tools

Jenna: “I love the NuFace. It’s kind of like a workout for your face muscles. You see instant results from side to side. I like to do it right along my jawline and under my brows. And I can see like an inch lift of my brow. It’s crazy.” Molly: “Okay we are obsessed with the Nu Face. We also love the Dennis Gross LED Light Mask. It’s great for skin and elasticity, builds collagen and helps with hyperpigmentation.” Jenna: “I love that one too. I also love the Joana Check Roller (pro-tip: put it in the freezer), the Chantecaille face roller and Georgia Louise Face Tools.”

[Jenna] 3 Maskne Tips


High-Frequency Skin Wand

Jenna loves her high-frequency wand to help with acne spots from Skin Gym. “So it basically helps kill the bacteria on the surface of your skin. What I will do, if I feel like a zit is forming, kind of underneath my skin I’ll just pat it right on there for a couple of seconds, and it dramatically decreases in size and helps with the inflammation of it. You can get some on Amazon too. There’s a bunch, but I really like the Skin Gym one.”


Clean Masks

“Change your mask every single day. Doesn’t matter if it looks cute with your outfit. If you’re really in a pinch, and you can’t change your mask get a little spray bottle from Amazon and a little toner. You can use Clean and Clear Toner. I really like the Ole Henrikson one for acne-prone skin. Take the spray bottle and spray a little on your mask and create a barrier for your face.


Zit Patches

“Get yourself some zit patches and wear them throughout the day. Because no one can see it with your mask on.”


[Jenna] Facial Treatments

Joanna Czech is an amazing facialist in the city. I literally do any treatment. Ask me I’ve tried it. I do this thing called an Ellipse Laser. Dr. Jennifer Levine is my go-to in NY, and she calls it the magic eraser. It removes anything from like redness to pigmentation. I got a bad sunburn on my honeymoon and had 3 new spots when I came home. I went to Dr. Levin and got the treatment, and three days later it just flaked off. And that was the end.”

[Jenna] Favorite Sunscreens

[Jenna] Hair Care, Favorite Hair Masks and Dry Shampoos

Jenna: “I only wash my hair once or twice a week, and honestly, I don’t leave my house much. If my hair is a little greasy it’s fine. I love Kerastase, Oribe, and Prose. Molly: “It’s so funny that you mention that. It is ON FIRE. And also it’s basically custom to you, right?” Jenna: “Yeah, it’s great. You can customize everything. They also have great hair oil as well. I wash my hair and use a hair mask one to two times a week. I love the Christoph Robin ones, I love the Kerastase masks.” Molly: “Virtue makes a good one too, and I also love Malibu Crystal for blondes. It pulls all the brassiness and gunk out.” Jenna: “Also another tip for my hair is that I do not use heat. I very rarely will use heat on my hair. I think that is so important when it comes to protecting your texture and balance.”

Shop Jenna’s favorite dry shampoos below:


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